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Juan Antonio Balsalobre (130468067)
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Personal Information
Full name Juan Antonio Balsalobre
Nickname Balsalobre
Age71 years and 20 days
Region  Murcia
Country  España
PositionInner midfielder and winger
Current team Retired
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
18 (30) - 19 (31)Spain La Ciutat C.F.17(1)
19 (31) - 23 (35)Spain Plumon de pato21(8)
35 (35) - 39 (39)Italy Stavrogin44(7)
27 (39) - 31 (43)Catalunya Sergei Club69(10)
31 (43) - 35 (48)Spain ArkoNadA20(1)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Juan Antonio Balsalobre is a Spanish inner midfielder in Hattrick.


Balsalobre started his senior career in La Ciutat C.F., where is considered the best player in the original squad. He started playing as an inner midfielder although he has been always better in winger position. His value in La Ciutat was very endeared for both supporters and board of directors, but was not enough to save club economy, so he was sold to Plumon de Pato for 550 000 .

In Plumon de Pato Balsalobre didn't play as he expected to. It is rumoured that he missed being the best player and the team and he didn't fit as one more player. After four seasons he moved to Italy to play with Stavrogin.

He played more competitive matches and he won his first league titles, but fore seasons after he decided to come back to Spain and he was signed up fro Sergei Club where he has been playing until global season 43 and has won two more league titles.


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Sergei Club


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