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Tarsaci Castellar (143828469)
Tarsaci Castellar (143828469).png
Personal Information
Full name Tarsaci Castellar i Fontanals
Nickname Castellar
Age67 years and 51 days
Region  Catalunya
Country  España
Current team Belgium FC.DedunnePotteStampers
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
19 (31) - 36 (48)Spain La Ciutat C.F.71(0)
35 (48) -Belgium FC.DedunnePotteStampers0(0)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Tarsaci Castellar is a retired Spanish goalkeeper in Hattrick.


Castellar is one of La Ciutat C.F. legends although he was an inadequate goalkeeper when he was promoted from youth, but fortunately for him and his temperamental character, he was at that moment the best goal option and he became an undisputed starter for competitive matches until Carlos Zuazo Bernabeu was discovered.

Training with Zuazo Bernabeu made grown both players and they started combining competitive matches with friendlies. Three seasons after a young and remarkable Sebas Guillamó was promoted and Castellar become a permanent second goalkeeper.

Castellar played 168 matches with La Ciutat C.F. counting all his appearances. After 17 seasons, he was transferred to FC.DedunnePotteStampers.


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La Ciutat C.F.


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