Lenos Flessas

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Lenos Flessas (268250954)
Personal Information
Full name Λένος Φλέσας
Nickname Hoplit, Freistoßgott
Age64 years and 82 days
Country  Hellas
PositionWing Back
Current team Germany KSG Borbetomagus
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
25 (40) - 26 (41)Greece Originalieros8(1)
26 (41) - 27 (42)Czech Republic Zru-zru Bučovice23(2)
43 (43) - 44 (44)Germany KSG Borbetomagus25(13)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Lenos Flessas is a wing back for KSG Borbetomagus. He joined the team for 1/43 as there were no competitive wing backs. He and Michele Ascone stood for an offensive playing style beginning in the wings of the defense. Flessas himself impressed with a formidable (9) ability with free kicks and penalties; thus he nearly won the goalscoring trophy of IX.58's season 43 with 9 goals though the KSG scraped through avoiding relegation. This remarkable effort made people in Worms also call him "Roberto Carlos".

Compared to Ascone he also has proper defense skills, which makes him both a dangerous attacker from behind as well as a good defender on the outsides.