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Leoløperne FK (160074)
Managed by SirAndre
Club information
LocationAkershus Norge
Fan ClubLøpeguttene

Leoløperne FK is a club from Norway and currently playing in series VI.82. The team is lead by the brilliant genious of SirAndre, also known as Raymond Karlsen in real life. The name of the club is inspired by one of the greatest football players of all time, Øyvind Leonhardsen. The english name for Leoløperne would be The Leo Runners, and this should represent the club philosophy. The stadium of Leoløperne is Løpebanen. Leoløperne is also a member of SCAM Supporter Society, probably the best federation in all of Hattrick.

Leoløperne FK

  • Founded: March 5, 2005
  • Manager (HT-name): SirAndre
  • Manager (Real life: Raymond Karlsen
  • Country: Norway
  • Colors: Red, White
  • Fan club: Løpeguttene (The Runners)
  • Song: You'll never run alone
  • Stadium Capacity: 12,000 (record: 12,000)
  • Record Transfer (in): John Nash - 16 130 000 Kroner (10.01.2006)
  • Record Transfer (out): Eduardo Ponce - 17 340 000 Kroner (21.11.2005)
  • Finances: Secure

Notable Players

Adrian Delgado: SirAndre signed striker Adrian Delgado of Argentina with the intention of building the attacking force around him in the upcoming seasons. Adrian is not yet fluent in Norwegian, so his odd quotes are cherished by the local media and supporters have even started up a website documenting his best and craziest comments. His phrase "Jeg er en pølse" has appeared on t-shirts in the club shop and has been a best seller.
Geir Lervåg: The club legend striker Geir Lervåg has become infamous for several high-profile speeding tickets and parking violations. As he is a former truck driver he also represents the players in any transportation issues. That's the reason Leoløperne now has their own bus, the deeply loved Løpebussen. Lervåg himself though can be seen out and about in his Nesodden westcoast neighborhood in a crappy blue 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. Lervåg is also known for his magnifiscent red hair, which actually won him the title of 'Red Hair of Europe' back in his teenage years.
Petri Uutela: Goalkeeper Petri Uutela of Eesti is reckoned as a man of many talents. The first talent is his hands. They are huge. At school Petri was made a fool by his schools principal because of his big hands, but when he found his way into the hand modell industry something happened. He didn't stay long as a hand model before a football scout noticed his giant hands, and bought him a couple of goalkeepers gloves. That was the turning point for Petri. Because of his past Petri is nicknamed 'The Model' by his team mates, although his looks aren't all that great.
Chris Martinsen is the Leoløperne wonderboy. Coming in from the youth squad he has managed his way into the first team in a great fashion way. Chris will probably be in the club for a long, long time.
Alfred Wright, Paolo Ciulla and John Nash are the three most talented players in the club. In time they'll make their names legendary in this club.

Less Notable Players

Leoløpernes squard is a rather big one. This is because of manager SirAndre's urge for players with the litte extra. Like in their names. This is the squad of extra men:
50. Øyvind Leonhardsen (same name as the clubs mentor)
51. Raymond Karlsen (same name as the manager)
52. Raymond Karlsen (same name as the manager)
53. Raymond Karlsen (same name as the manager)
54. Raymond Alexander (Raymond is our manager, Alexander is another manager in SCAM)
55. Tony Mathiasson (swedish version of Eagles of Valinor's manager Tony Mathiessen)
56. Tony Alexander (both Tony and Alexander are managers of other SCAM-teams)
57. Knut Jørgensen (both Knut and Jørgen are managers of other SCAM-teams)
58. Jørgen Balle (Jørgen is the manager of Dordi boys. His last name represents his everlasting need for masturbation that causes his testicles not to produce enough sperm)
59. Alexander Christensen (same name as another SCAM-manager)
60. Raymond Queen (obviously the drag name of the manager)
99. Arne Scheie (same name as a famous norwegian football reporter legend)

The coach

In charge of Leoløperne is a swede named Mareks Kaufmanis. He probably have some sort of relation to Latvija, but this is something he never wants to talk about. Mareks was hired as coach on the clubs very first day, and although he is a man of many weird opinions and quotes, it is expected that he hang on to the coaching job for at least a couple more seasons. After all he is a solid coach, and his beautiful blond hair makes everyone around him feel good.


No one has yet showed interest in sponsoring Leoløperne. At least not as the public would know. Though rumours has something is gonna happen soon, no sponsor deal have yet been announced.


Løpeguttene has a modest following worldwide, most notably a fierce contingent from Sweden that schedules many Nesodden sightseeing tours that include tickets to home matches. Other fan clubs have popped up in Switzerland, Spain and Germany, most likely because these countries have produced a number of Leoløperne profiles.


  • Season 16: 6th in VI.82

Ended 6th after a horrible and cruel season. "I'm disgraced by the performance of my players", coach Kaufmanis told the media after the last game of the season. After the season ended it was obvious Kaufmanis wanted something done with the situation. Rumours has it he also blames the bad results on a pretty club secretary. "Almost every player gets help from the club secretary every week. I don't understand why", he told. The pretty secretary is now fired from the club secretary position, but has been hired as Kausmanis' personal assistant instead. "I'm sure it will help us all", Kaufmanis commented.

  • Season 15: 2nd in VI.82

A surprisingly beautiful season ended with champagne and party hats after Leoløperne shocked most of the oppositions in VI.82. "In my wildest dream I would dare hoping for us to end as runners up", said coach Kaufmanis after the succesfull season was a fact. "But I guess I just am that good. No other way to explain it", Kaufmanis said with pride in his voice.

  • Season 14: 5th in VI.82

Leoløperne was thrown into the league with just about half the season gone. With a lot of knowledge and great tactical skills Leoløperne fought their way to a fifth place and cup participation.

Proud moments


Leoløperne is member of five federations. The most important is by far SCAM Supporter Society.
The club is also represented in Bastionen (Fan club of FC Lyn Oslo), HT Nord-Norge (Hattrick Northern Norway), Pressemeldingsskribentenes Losje (A socalled exclusive club of Press Announcement fans) and Liverpool FC Norge (The Norwegian Liverpool federation).