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Here is a list of the playerEventTypes used for the Memorable moments page.

The help file for playerEvents states that "No list of events will be available. Each CHPP will have to collect an eventlist him-/herself."

To make everything a bit easier for everyone, add any new playerEventTypeID's you find to the list below, along with their meaning. If the meaning of the event isn't immediately clear from the <EventText> tag text, add a generalization.

List of Events

  • 1: See "Special case" below
  • 2: "Played in the final of the Hattrick Masters."
  • 3: "Made his debut in the Hattrick Masters for (TEAMNAME)."
  • 4: "Participated in the semifinal of the Hattrick Masters."
  • 5: "Gained his first cap as he debuts for the National A squad of (COUNTRY LOCAL NAME)."
  • 6: "Made his debut in the National U-20 squad for U-20 (COUNTRY LOCAL NAME)."
  • 7: "Played in the semifinal of World Cup." or "Played in the semifinal of U20-World Cup."
  • 8: "With the world watching, he played in the final of World Cup." or "With the world watching, he played in the final of U-20 World Cup."
  • 9: "Was entered into the Hall of Fame."
  • 10: unknown
  • 11: "Was removed as coach for <A HREF="teamDetails.asp?TeamID=(TEAMID)">(TEAMNAME)</A>."
  • 12: "Became coach for <A HREF="teamDetails.asp?TeamID=(TEAMID)">(TEAMNAME)</A>."
  • 13: "Was promoted from the youth squad in <A HREF="teamDetails.asp?TeamID=(TEAMID)">(TEAMNAME)</A>."
  • 14: "Became top scorer of <A HREF="leagueDetails.asp?LeagueLevelUnitID=(LEAGUELEVEL UNIT ID)">(LEAGUELEVEL UNIT NAME)</A> (<A HREF="leagueSystemDetails.asp?LeagueID=(LEAGUE ID)">(LEAGUE NAME)</A>) for season (SEASONNUMBER) with (GOALS) goals"
  • 15: unknown
  • 16: unknown
  • 17: "Scored a Hattrick in a <A HREF="matchDetails.asp?matchID=(MATCHID)">match</A>!"
  • 18: unknown
  • 19: unknown
  • 20: "Was promoted from <A HREF="teamDetails.asp?TeamID=(TEAMID)">(TEAMNAME)</A>'s Youth academy at the age of (AGE)"

Special Moments

  • The Hattrick Team added a special Memorable Moment for a player by the name of Homer Simpson, saying

    "he once ate 12 donuts in under a minute and finished it off with a Duff Beer".

  • Bob Sunesson is the only player that received event #1

    "Was officially nominated 'HT-Bob' for his outstanding achievements within the Hattrick world."

    The event is now unavailable.


Some <EventText> tags contain (escaped) HTML, others don't; you should be able to tell the format from the list below, and use some parsing to fetch the relevant information. EventTypeID 13 is a good example.