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Player Loyalty was introcuced on 03-10-2011. Loyalty increases with time spent at the club and players with high loyalty perform better on the pitch.

There are two types of loyalty:

  • Player loyalty bonus
  • Mother club loyalty

Gaining both bonuses is perfectly possible for a player when you promote a youth player (it naturally doesn't matter which youth system you use) to your senior squad. He will get a 1.5 skill level bonus on all skills (excluding stamina) until you sell him.

Player loyalty bonus[edit]

For each consecutive day you have a player in your team, he will get a little bit more attached and loyal to your team. Loyalty is gained faster in the beginning, then slower and slower over time. Maximum loyalty is reached after three seasons (when a player reaches divine), but the halfway point is reached after 12 weeks.

Maximum bonus: +1 skill level on all skills (stamina excluded)

Please note that youth players start with divine loyalty, but a player loses his loyalty to your club if you sell him to another club. So if you later buy him back, you have to build up his loyalty from scratch again.

Mother club bonus[edit]

Players that play for their mother club, such as your youth players, and have done so through their whole career always give a little bit extra on the pitch, as they hold a special place for the club in their hearts.

Loyaltybonus.png Bonus: +0.5 skill level on all skills (stamina excluded).

Players that have been playing for their mother club their whole career are indicated with a heart icon on their player page.

Please note that any youth players sold and then re-bought will not get this bonus.