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München (engl. Munich) is a region in Deutschland. It is the capital of Bavaria, which is a region in the south/south-east of Germany with 3,7% of the active users in HT-Germany and therefore has an average size (4%) within Germany. The region München is one of nine city regions which aren't one of the 16 states of the Federal Republic of Germany in real life.

Flag of Munich
Location of Munich
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Central Europe
Country:  Deutschland
Latitude: 48°08′ N
Longitude: 11°34′ E
Number of teams: 1713
Time zone: +0

Memorable Moments

  • Munich concentrates on memorable moments in real life and does not have any championship record so far

Best Teams of Munich

  • 1850 Bier (II.1)
  • Inferno (II.3)
  • Gernlinden Gits (II.2)
  • FCHollywood (II.3)
  • Alemannia Panthers (III.10)
  • FC Kalemannia (III.9)
  • FC bin-Muhailania (III.1)
  • wacker 09 (III.6)
  • Stans Flankengötter 2003 (IV.7)
  • Sturm Haas (IV.64)

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