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Manchester Speed (56428)
Speed logo.JPG
Managed by bittersweet_symphony
Club information
LocationGreater Manchester England
Arenathe sham stadium
Fan Clubnot a supporter - have no fan club

Manchester Speed is an English club from Greater Manchester and was founded on the 23rd of December 2005 by jmw-2003(now managing under the moniker bittersweet_symphony). The team's initial name was inter money but changed after season 31. The stadium's capacity is 30,000. The first foreign player was Daniel Nunes from Portugal and the first player to cost more than 100,000 £ was Luis Blazquez from España.

Season 28 was the first season for the club Slightly boring to be honest and i was glad of promotion.
Season 29 was relatively mediocre though i didnt lose as many games as i thought i would have done..
Season 30 saw an improvement and a 2nd place finish just behind Norway VI Overall i was pleased with the second placed finish.
Season 31 Saw another 2nd placed finish , this time behind Sprowston Lads. A little disapointed not to have made a closer challenge for the title.
Season 32 was when Speed finally promoted. To league V.2. Though initally happy i knew deep down my team wouldnt be able to compete and i was also a little sad to leave VI.253 as I had made friends there and had good memories.
Season 33 As expected i relegated. Saved money for the future

Season League Season Record
P W D L F A Pts Position
34 V.63 2 0 0 2 5 0 0 6 Still in progress
34 VI.148 14 12 1 1 57 6 37 1
33 V.2 14 2 0 12 20 41 6 7
32 VI.253 14 13 1 0 65 6 40 1
31 VI.253 14 11 1 2 48 12 34 2
30 VI.253 14 10 2 2 40 23 32 2
29 VI.253 14 5 6 3 19 19 21 4
28 VII.420 14 14 0 0 55 7 42 1

The current squad of Manchester Speed


===Luis Blazquez===  España
Bought from Athletes for £160,000 Luis has been 1st choice keeper since he arrived. He is known for his love of strawberries and learnt English remarkably quickly after his transfer. Luis enjoys Bowling and goes regularly with Edmundo Figo.

Nicknames:Gordon Banquez

===Gonerts Butkans===  Latvija
Bought for £40,670 from RSC Smooth, Gonerts is currently 2nd choice keeper. He is 6 foot 7 inches tall which has made him the butt of many of the teams jokes. He absolutely hates cats and people who drive Renaults.

Nicknames: Janis Dudins???


===Les Fennimore===  England
The last surviving member of the start up team. Les grew up in South Manchester where he still lives today with his wife 3 kids and pet Labrador - Les is a fan of the TV show "QI"

Nicknames : (very) old man

===Paul Holtzclaw===  England
Paul was bought for £300,000 from Phoenix Connection. He was brought in to help the club in V.2. He lives with his Wife and their two children and their ferret, George. Named after St George. He is a very Patriotic guy and is proud of being English.

Nicknames : Holty, The claw

===Ferenc Tihor===  Slovensko
Ferenc was bought for £95,330 from Villa de Grado and was the clubs most talented defender during their time in VI.253. He is a huge fan of Weird Al Yankovic, and good friends with former Speed team mate Simeon Novachev

Nicknames: Super Slovak

===William Wemyss===  England
William came to the club from Mavi Köşe 2000 for £30,000 amidst rumours that he was related to the manager as they shared a surname - These rumours were extinguished immediately. William enjoys destroying Lord of the rings merchandise in his spare time.

Nicknames: WW , Weemzie

===Neville Parry===  Cymru

Nicknames: Taffy

===Marsels Frišenfelds ===  Latvija

Nicknames: Janis Dudins??

===Salomão Fernandes ===  Brasil

Nicknames: Salmon

===Amadeusz Flaga===  Polska

Nicknames: Flag

===Iu Prats===  España

Nicknames: Insert interesting nickname here


===Philippe Marxer===  Liechtenstein

Nicknames: Superman

===Augustin Lupescu===  România

Nicknames: Gus?

===Razvan Nitu===  România Bought at the tail end of season 33 in a failed attempt to bolster the midfield and gain a bit of credibility.

Nicknames: Raz

===Grant MacLean===  England


===Jose Ihring===  Uruguay
Bought from Senorbac for 6,000. Jose has never been the most popular team member, He grew up in Montevideo with 12 brothers and sisters. Jose is one of the quickest members of the squad.

Nicknames: Moaning arse


===Julius van Popta===  Nederland
Bought for only £667 from Team Zoefzoef, the friendly Dutchman has been a hit with the fans as well as his fellow team mates since he arrived at the club on 6th of September 2006. He is the club joker and although his first team appearances have been few and far between he is the most valued member of the squad. Julius though clearly untalented (passable winger/passable playmaking) was bought simply because if his quirky name. The managers friends were looking on the transfer list with him and suddenly noticed him. The manager was bugged by his friends to bid on van Popta, he did and thats that - the story goes on from there. His shirt is the biggest seller in the club store.

Nicknames:, van , poppa , JVP ,the poptart.

===Paul Nigg===  Liechtenstein

Nicknames: insert intersting nickname here

===Yvo Grischke===  Liechtenstein

Nicknames: Pinhead

===Edmundo Figo===  Portugal

Nicknames: Eddie , Figaro


===Roel Croes===  Belgium

Nicknames: Rolo , Rozza

===Ola Stigner===  Sverige

Nicknames : Olli , Stinger


===Diego Llacer===  España

Selected Former Players

===Alan Moore===  England
Favoured the Number 8 while at the club he was a cult figure with the fans until his departure to to Fc Roullete boy for £82,667 Was the first player to reach 4 stars at the club. Was the best of the start up team. Alan has now retired

Nicknames: Granddad, Alamo

===Chris Jarratt===  England
Preffered the number 11 shirt while at the club. Chris was popular with the fans and his shirt sold well in the club shop until the arrival of Julius van Popta. Chris left the club in February 2007 for £71,333.

Nicknames: Jazz, CJ

===Nicky Allen-Gao===  England
Another member of the start up team. Nicky wore the Number 2 shirt in most of his games. He was sold to FC Gringos for £64,667 on 07/07/07. Nicky was a utility player, he was a solid defender AND striker. He also had passable winger so was a decent wingback

Nicknames: Nag , Nick

===Simeon Novachev===  Bulgaria Simeon enjoyed all of his appearances for Speed, He preffered wearing his beloved number 5 shirt, and was a loyal club servant, He was good friend with defensive partner Ferenc Tihor. Nicknames: Vauxhall Nova-chev , Sim

===Albert Hasler===  Liechtenstein

Nicknames: hassle