Meyes Park

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Meyes Park (1724214)
Social data
Owner: Mairania FC
Town: Merano-Stemma.png Merano
Region: Coat of arms of Trentino Alto Adige.PNG Trentino Alto Adige
Country:  Italia
Zone: Latin Europe
Arena data
Total capacity: 45 000
Last improvement: 01-04-2017

Meyes Park is an all-seater HT-football stadium in the "Alpini street 36th" borough of Merano, Italy, and the home of Mairania FC. The stadium was built on the site of Mairania FC's former home, Druso.


As mentioned, the Meyes Park was built on the rubble of the famous Druso, a work dedicated to the great Roman commander, remembered in the South Tyrolean valleys for the various Alpine campaigns. With the founding of the team, back in 2011, the QdM (now 253CA) company immediately worried about giving the team a cozy home in which to play home games. At this juncture the Druso is born, a very simple and non-invasive stage (reflecting the soul of the local people) of 12 000 seats. The team starts its climb from the X.2333 league, so it doesn't need many seats.

But the situation changes in the years to follow and the QdMs are obliged to worry about a total restyling of the "MFC" brand and so, in this breath of fresh air, the best engineers from Merano provide ideas for what will be the most modern stadium of the Northern Italy. On 1 April 2017, the president and financier of Mairania FC O4k_253CA approves the project in which there is necessarily his paw and work begins for what will become today's Meyes Park.

In the Meyes Park hundreds of matches of the home team have been played, but the same walls have even had the honor of hosting the Singapore - Benin U-20 derby and a match of the Italia national team.


The stadium has a modern appearance, but at the same time it is very traditional with different references to the previous system. The latest generation Hi-tech materials allow it to be used at any time of the season, with an internal heating system that ensures maximum efficiency even in the rain. The colors are those of the Mairania FC team. White and red cover every corner of the building and make the stadium very showy to the viewer. Inside the Meyes Park you can visit the team's museum, relax in the comfort zones, eat meals in prestigious restaurants and buy MFC gadgets, to fully support the players.

Some Data

  • Total capacity: 45 000 seats

  • Terraces: 25 500 seats
  • Basic seating: 13 000 seats
  • Seats under roof: 4 500 seats
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 2 000 seats

  • Potential match takings: 464 000 €
  • Stadium maintenance: 31 350 €

Important Matches

 Date  H. Team  Result  A. Team  Importance  Picture + ID
01-04-2017 Mairania FC 1 - 3 Teamsahara First match in the new Meyes Park.
25-11-2017 Mairania FC 8 - 1 Atletic Aprilia II The match in which there were more spectators: 44 615 (99%).
31-08-2018 Italia 3 - 2 Ghana NT friendly match.
05-07-2019 U-20 Singapore 4 - 2 U-20 Benin U-20 friendly match.

Youth Stadium

Near the Meyes Park you can access a second stadium, the Gianpiero Combi. With only 300 seats, it is used by Cantera Atesina, the youth team of Mairania FC.