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Mod-Jennie is an Israeli female user and the manager of Paris Sainte Jennie (347157). She joined Hattrick on the 23rd of February 2004 and received her team on the 27th of February. Jennie is the 1st female to be appointed as an official (LA - for Hebrew language) in Israel - since 5th of June 2006. She also worked as a translator in real life. On July 10th 2009 she was appointed to Mod and held both LA and Mod hats, though mainly concentrated on her LA duties. She has never handed anyone a ban. She resigned from staff on the 20th of October 2010.

Before being appointed as a LA, Jennie used to run a web site called "Hattrick from a feminine point of view", in which she posted her opinions about different issues in Hattrick. She wasn't even a soccer fan and actually hated soccer, but she studied the game well and had interesting opinions about the game and the users - sometimes even causing controversies and heated discussions in the forum. Her site also held very useful guides and tips for the game.

Her best achievements with her team are reaching the 2nd division (league II.3) and reaching the 10th round in the Cup.

Her best personal achievement in Hattrick was finding a husband - she married Uri, who also played Hattrick and reached the 1st division (Ligat Ha'al) with his team Yud Gimel (152917).