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An official is a volunteer user helping the HTs, the only paid officials, to keep the game running. There are several types of officials and most of them can be recognized by the prefix preceding their alias.


Prefixes haven't existed right from the start. In fact they were born out of necessity. The first GMs had the prefix SL (from Spelledare, which is the Swedish for gamemaster), as the game originated from that country. This was changed later when the game started to become international. Some of the earliest Swedish GMs are still working for Hattrick, they became HTs.

The Mod prefix was officially added on the 17th of October 2002. There were Mods around previously, but they didn't have a prefix, just as it was the case for LAs. Their prefix was officially added on the 6th of February 2003. It is unknown when the CHPP prefix was added. The first Mods had MOD as their prefix. This changed later to Mod since it's a abbreviation for Moderator. Although many Mods nowadays still keep MOD as their prefix or even get it right from the beginning, their number has been decreasing.

For a couple of years around 2006-2008 there also existed a small group of officials that were responsible for the Hattrick Clubhouse Support. They were prefixed with CHS.

Editors are the newest group of officials. They don't have a prefix, though. The editor group was officially launched at the start of October 2008 via a my Hattrick message, but the first editors were appointed on the 26th of September already.

Existing prefixes[edit]

  • CHPP: CHPP administrators, or CHPPs, are responsible for the many programmes created by CHPP-approved users.
  • GM: GameMasters, or GMs, are responsible for approving new users, dealing with cheaters and bugs.
  • HT: The HTs are the only paid staff in Hattrick. They're responsible for anything related to development in the game.
  • LA: Language Administrators, or LAs, are responsible for the multiple completed or unfinished translation projects.
  • Mod: Moderators, or Mods, take care of the forums.
  • Editor: Editors take care of Hattrick Press.

Relevant official messages[edit]

17.10.2002 Forum moderators change names
The forum moderators have been given the prefix MOD- to add to their loginname, so that you easier recognize them.
6.2.2003 Language Administrators
With 7 languages active, our Language Administrators (LangAdmins) are an important part of Hattrick. They are users who manage the translation on a voluntary basis, a bit like a GM manages the GM duties. To clarify their role, they are henceforth named with a LA- prefix to their username. Thus, we now have the following official Hattrick prefixes:
  • HT- for a member of the HT-Team
  • GM- for a Game Master
  • MOD- for Conference moderators
  • LA- for LangAdmins.
3.10.2008 Hattrick Press
Hattrick Press has now been up and running for a few days. In here you can read Hattrick related articles, as well as submit your own fabulous ones! You can choose to write about more or less anything in the Hattrick world; strategies, tactics, top series reports, community happenings and trends or something completely different – it's up to you! Our only rule is that your article is of common interest and related to Hattrick in some way. Our house rules also apply of course, as always.

We look forward to read a lot of interesting and entertaining articles. Worth knowing is also that Hattrick Press will get a more visible place in the coming new design.