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Mod-Karlthegreat is a user from Lëtzebuerg. He's the manager of FC Lëtzebuerg 05 since the 2nd of June 2005 and he joined Hattrick as Karlthegreat on the 31st of May. After having played the game as a regular user for roughly nine months, he became an LA for German and occupied this position from the 19th of March 2006 to the 25th of March 2007. Since the 19st of July 2006, he is also a Mod for his home country Lëtzebuerg. He has also been a Mod for several other countries too, including Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich, Liechtenstein, France and eight countries in Asia and Africa. He has retreated to Luxembourg only at the end of 2010 as real-life took over. Since 5th of August 2011 he is moderating in Chinese Taipei again. He was also the translation lead for Lëtzebuergesch and is currently the only LA responsible for this language version. Mod-Karlthegreat is also Super LA and has been a Global Editor. As a Super LA he takes care of the translation progress of future language versions.

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