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Location and Hattrick countries of Africa

The demarcation between Asia and Africa is the isthmus of Suez (although the Sinai Peninsula, being a part of Egypt east of the canal, is often geopolitically considered a part of Africa).

In Hattrick, the African transfer market was a part of the Asia, Africa and Oceania zone.

Current African countries[edit]

Other countries[edit]

Several countries aren't included in Hattrick right now, although they have their own national team and are part of FIFA and thus could be included one day.

Country Continent Internet Users[1]
Botswana Africa 80,000
Burkina Faso Africa 80,000
Burundi Africa 60,000
Central African Republic Africa 13,000
Chad Africa 60,000
Comoros Africa 21,000
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa 230,000
Djibouti Africa 11,000
Equatorial Guinea Africa 8,000
Eritrea Africa 120,000
Ethiopia Africa 291,000
Gabon Africa 81,000
Gambia Africa 100,000
Guinea Africa 50,000
Guinea-Bissau Africa 37,000
Lesotho Africa 70,000
Liberia Africa 1,000
Libya Africa 260,000
Madagascar Africa 110,000
Malawi Africa 140,000
Mali Africa 100,000
Mauritania Africa 30,000
Mauritius Africa 340,000
Namibia Africa 100,000
Niger Africa 40,000
Republic of the Congo Africa 70,000
Rwanda Africa 150,000
Seychelles Africa 32,000
Sierra Leone Africa 13,000
Somalia Africa 98,000
Sudan Africa 1,500,000
Swaziland Africa 42,000
Togo Africa 320,000
Zambia Africa 500,000
Zimbabwe Africa 1,350,000


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