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New Oceania Managers Cup
Country Oceania
Number of teams Variable
Current Champions Cheltenham United
Season 36
Most successful team Cheltenham United
1 titles

The New Oceania Managers (NOM) Cup is a seasonal friendly tournament held for new Oceanian teams. It's designed to give new managers something to aim for when they either don't qualify for the Oceania Cup or are eliminated in the first or second week. It was started in Season 36 (Oceania) by Oceania user r-andres. It was taken over by GM-Cyntech in Season 38.


To compete in the NOM Cup, the manager must have received his team on or after a given date. For the first season of the NOM Cup, managers had to have had their team no longer than four months. There is no limit on the number of participating teams, the cup is organised around this number.


Teams are grouped according to their strength; progression to the second round will vary with stronger groups having more teams progressing than groups with weaker teams. At the end of the first group stage, teams will be ranked using 'Natstats', then team activity will be assessed. If there are any teams progressing that have been inactive, they will be replaced with the highest Natstats ranking team not progressing.

After the second round, the knockout stage will begin, matches will be played using cup rules at neutral grounds.


The format of the tournament is a double round robin with a single elimination round to finish. Group stages are separated by a rest week for assessment. The top two teams from the second group stage will progress to the knockout stage. Teams are seeded using their current Natstats and matches are organised as follows:

A: 1 v 8
B: 4 v 5
C: 3 v 6
D: 2 v 7

SF1: Winner A v Winner B
SF2: Winner C v Winner D

Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


Season Participants Winner Runner Up
36 44 Cheltenham United (425080) Traralgor Terrors (421540)
37 32 Mustache Cash Stash (421540) Grimsby Town xi (76643)
38 36 Pacific Penguins (420607) Tauranga City (420672)