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The NT-database was the CHPP-approved global tracker that most national coaches and U-20 national coaches used from 2003 to the 29th of September 2008, when its creator Georgious announced the site would go down due to lack of time.

Every user was allowed and encouraged to send details of his or her promising players to this page by logging in with his or her security code.

The tool used to work together with another tool, NTA, placed on the very same site and maintained by Georgious.

The conference message announcing the end of NT-database's reign as a global tracker:

Keywords: (Global tracker), (NT-database)
From: CHPP-Alf (11955266.1) as reply to (0)
To: Everyone 3.10.2008 at 11:31
Georgious who managed a global NT-DB application is not going to adapt his tool to match latest CHPP changes. Hence, all countries that did not have a dedicated CHPP tool are toasted.

We have had user llankru handle already a few countries based on NT/U20 coaches demand, but since CHPP is still closed, we granted him licences only on a case by case basis and only when NT/U20 coaches of a specific country asked us to do so.

Based on those two facts, we have decided to grant llankru Global NT/U20 Tracker a global CHPP licence. www.c10.ch/ant_db/index.php

Each country is still allowed to have one individual licence as well as using this one. So no change there.

A post in the National Teams conferences will be made to advise all NT and U20 coaches.

PS : in case you were also wondering, CHPP is still closed to new applications and we have no estimate on when it will be reopened.

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