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A national coach (or simply NT coach) is a user elected for a mandate in national team. This manager stays in function for two seasons, under normal circumstances, after which new elections are held.

A national coach chooses a national trainer, decides which players are on the squad and makes line-ups for the qualification or World Cup matches. Furthermore this person is also responsible for arranging friendlies for their national team.

NT coach

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The NT coach, as the elected manager of a national team, stays in function for two seasons. He/She has to picks up to 26 players (from teams with real owners) freely from those players with the same nationality as the team he is representing. National coaches can't select players from bot teams (in early times they could but this has been changed when some team, particularly farm teams, started to exploid this).

Once picked, the NT coach can see the same data for the national team players as you do for your own team.

The national coach is also responsible for selecting a national team kit and the reserve kit that, as much as possible, adheres to the official colours of the country's national team.

Communication with the community is considered by many as another important task of the national coach. For the duration of his office, the current national coach has also access to the national coaches' conference.


Every national team has one assistant slot coach and four NT scouts slots

The national coach can eventually selects a staff of 5 users that can help him:

  • 1 Assistant coach
  • 4 NT scouts.

They are appointed by the NT coaches and get some limited tools that help them with their tasks.

The NT scout was created formally on season 73 and, but the new role only made official something that has always existed: users that are devoted to their national teams and help the coaches find, and follow, promising players.

List of NT Coaches

Some NT coaches have made the history of the game because they have changed many NT as globetrotters or because they have led a small nation to incredible results:

List of best NT coaches (in no particular order)
Nat. NT Coach Elected Mandate(s) Palmares Best achievement
Italy regia5 24 times ChampionRunner-up
Norway champion WC 15,
First coach to win both WC and U-20 WC
Netherlands Schumi- 16 times ChampionChampion
2 consecutive victories with Netherlands in WC 24 and WC 25
Belgium Moonsje 31 times Runner-up U-20 Belgium, runner-up in U-20 WC 23
He continuously led NTs and/or U-20s from March 2004 to October 2019
Venezuela gustavito 15 times Semi-finalist NT Venezuela, semi-finalist in WC 27
Germany Luc_Holtz 02 times Champion NT Luxembourg, champion WC 29[1],
First to win WC with an NT of less than 250 users
Austria Grabner 06 times Champion NT Austria, champion 30,
2 consecutive World Cup with different NTs and roles
(WC 30 as Austria coach, WC 29 as Luxembourg Assistent coach)
Germany Fieldy84 04 times Runner-up NT Iraq, runner-up in WC 28,
First to win a silver medal with an NT of less than 100 users
Netherlands Roanus 01 time Semi-finalist U-20 Oman, semi-finalist in U-20 WC 22
First to win a bronze medal with an NT of less than 100 users
Latvia Salnas 16 times - U-20 Belarus, 4th place in Round IV of U-20 WC 25
Elected coach of both a NT and a U-20 from 24 June 2016 to 31 May 2020
Spain DHT-Oscar 20 times - National best results with
NT Japan (Round III in WC 27)
and U-20 Honduras (Round III in WC 28)


  1. ^  The WC 29 final was epic: the little Luxembourg of Luc_Holtz/Grabner versus Netherlands of regia5 (3 -1)!

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