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Club information
Country  Slovensko
Region Nitriansky
Founded 08/08/2008
Ground Green Park, Nitra
(Capacity 52,000)
Youth Club FC Beton Neverice U17
Manager Slovakia Jose_Bachan
Head coach Canada Atanasije Nikolić
League VI.169
Prize shelf Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division V.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG
Individual Awards

France Mickaël Bontemps(27. season, 19 goals)

Peru Honorio Narciso (26. season, 16 goals)

Germany Daniel Bodecker (23. season, 12 goals)

Topscorer VI.png Topscorer V.png Topscorer VI.png

Neverice is a small Slovakia club in region of Nitra.Founded in season 17. The headquarters is located in Ladická street in Neverice. The team's official colors are blue and yellow as the colors of flag of Neverice. The team takes hes first steps in the lowest Slovakian category but can immediately be noticed emerging as a team being able to rely upon a healthy society and leading players like Slovakia Miroslav Antalec, Slovakia Milan Masný, Hungary Hunor Jóna and Portugal Arlindo Baião. Just with the help of these "key players" and other good graft, after just one season can center the first promotion by series V.216. This league was above our strength so we fell a year later advancing to VI. League. After a long stagnation in VI.239 league team fought his way to V.204 division. Just in the first season we were placed in the first place with a score of 62-19. This season was a star Germany Daniel Bodecker with 12 goals. In the premiere season in IV.29 we took nice Team was obsolete and so there was generational change. It showed in our performance in the second season in 4.league we dropped after barrage to V.184. For financial problems som players have been sold out and bought the young, perspective players for future. Also came the excellent coach, too most expensive coach in team history Atanasije Nikolić (1 819 000€ + 1 200 000€). Team actually plays V.86 division.

Club History

Season Series Cup
28 7° in V.45 -
27 1° in VI.169 - Division VI.PNG
26 1° in VI.169 - Division VI.PNG
25 8° in V.184
24 8° in IV.29
23 5° in IV.29 -
22 1° in V.204 - Division V.PNG
21 1° in VI.239 - Division VI.PNG
20 1° in VI.239 - Division VI.PNG
19 3° in VI.239 -
18 8° in V.216 -
17 1° in VI.858 - Division VI.PNG


The Hattrick Wiki

The official Match of Neverice are played in Green Park. Initially the stadium was as usual of 12,000 seats. After promotion to the V. category is decided to expand to a total of 20,000 seats including 500 VIP seats, 2,000 covered grandstand, 6,000 and 11,500 grandstand bleachers. Later the stadium is still expanded to 28,000 seats and the following it is implemented to 40,000 seats. In season 23, with promotion to IV. category stadium was finally expanded to size 52,000. The stadium name is taken from the name of a linden park in village.

Historical Top scorers

1. Peru Honorio Narciso (6seasons = 78goals)

2. Germany Daniel Bodecker (3seasons = 30goals)

3. France Mickaël Bontemps (2seasons = 58goals)

Most matches in club

1. Slovakia Miroslav Antalec - 160 starts

2. Slovakia Milan Masný - 151 starts

Youth Team

has a great youth team called U17 Beton Neverice .In past The youth team was famous for winning championships and turning out some samples sold at high prices. but today, our scouts are unable to find the stars of large format.

Players in U20, in NT

1First player in our team, who dressed the dress off NT was Moussa Ntab. He played in 21matches for hes country - SENEGAL. 1Next, younger players of our team was called to U20. Adam Dudoň Slovakia , Fred Bowling USA , José Miguel Alvarada El Salvador , Joey Cole Oceania , Július Bielanský Slovakia, Mehmet Can Memnut Bahrain

Stars from Youth team

  • Albert Žabka: Solid in winger, Passable in passing, Passable in playmaking (trained and sold for 2 450 000 €)
  • Bonifác Goralka: Passable in winger, Inadequate in deffending, Excellent in Passing (traind and sold for 4 450 000 €)
  • Friedrich Leber : Solid in difending (trained and sold for 200 000€)
  • Čaba Verešpej: Solid in difending (sold for 145 000€)
  • Ján Gajar  : Solid in playmaking, Passable in passing, Inadequate in deffending (trained and sold for 1 900 000€)
  • Július Rosoha  : Inadequate in defending, Solid in laymaking (trained and sold for 100 000€)
  • Slavomír Galovský: Solid in playmaking, Inadequate in passing (trained and sold for 173 000€)
  • Tomáš Mrkačík: Solid in winger, Inadequate in passing (sold for 37 000€)