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The Nitra Region (Template:Lang-sk) is one of the administrative regions of Slovakia.


This region with a long history is situated in the southwest of Slovakia, mostly in the eastern part of the Danubian Lowland. It is divided into two sub-units: the Danubian Flat in the south-west, with eastern part of the Žitný ostrov island, and the Danubian Hills in the north, centre and east. Mountain ranges reaching into the region are: Považský Inovec in the north-west, where the region's highest point, Veľký Inovec, is located, Tribeč in the north from Nitra, Pohronský Inovec in the north-east and Štiavnické vrchy in the east. Major rivers are the Danube in the south, Váh in the south-west, Nitra in the western-central part, Hron in the east and Ipeľ in the south-east. As for administrative divisions, the region borders Trenčín Region in the north, Banská Bystrica Region in the east, Hungarian Pest in the south-east, Komárom-Esztergom in the south, and Győr-Moson-Sopron county in the south-west and Trnava Region in the west.


The population density in the region is 113 inhabitants per km², which is very similar to the country's average (110 per km²). The largest towns are Nitra, Komárno, Nové Zámky and Levice. According to the 2001 census, there were 713,422 inhabitants in the region, with a majority of Slovaks (68.3%), but there is a numerous Hungarian minority (27.6%) in the southern districts, forming a majority in the Komárno District (72%) and there are small minorities of Czechs and Roma (<1%).<ref>POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS 2001 - Tab. 3a</ref>

Economy and climate

The city of Nitra is also the centre of whole region. The region - which is the warmest in Slovakia - reaches a high production of wheat, rye and vegetables. Significant industries are: the food industry, with breweries in Topoľčany, Nitra and Hurbanovo, are machinery (fridges in Zlaté Moravce, shipyards in Komárno) and energy (Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant).

List of districts

List of municipalities and towns

There are 350 municipalities, of which 15 are towns (in bold)



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