New Old City Boyz

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Croatia New Old City Boyz ([1])
managed by Old_boy
Full Name New Old City Boyz
Nickname New Old Boyz
Founded 10.02.2007 dissolved 28.03.2011
Location Pula, Croatia
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VI.536 V.155

New Old City Boyz was a hattrick club founded by Old_boy on February 10, 2007 and dissolved on March 28, 2011. New Old City Boyz have a record of W 150/ D 18/ L 57 and 2 time championships winner (VI.536 season 22 and V.155 season 24) between 10.02.2007 - 28.03.2011. The team was located in old city center of Labin, region Pula, Croatia. New club Old City Boyz was created by the fan base of disbanded New Old City Boyz.

Created by User:Old boy

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