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Ossie United (1321902)
Ossie United
Managed by Ossie_Bossie
Club information
LocationOverijssel Nederland
ArenaHet Rood-Groene Mandje
Fan ClubDe Groene Katten

About the Club

The Start

Ossie United was founded by Ossie000 (who later changed his name in Ossie_Bossie), after vv wijnands was declared Bankrupt and Ossie took it over. After 1 whole season, Ossie managed to become the champion in the IX.1185 in the Netherlands. After that, he entered the 8th division; the VIII.1075


The first season in the VIII.1075 wasn't a very fortunate one for Ossie United. They ended 6th, only just missing relagation to the 9th division. Seccond season went beter, the fourth place was the end result. In season 25, Ossie United just missed championship by losing their last match. Now they're still in the 8th division.

Cup Results

By ending 6th in season 24 Ossie United was allowed to play in the national cup of the Netherlands. They lost their first match against a 6th class opponent. Ossie United's seccond appearence in the national cup was in season 25, where they also lost their first match, their opponent was a 6th classer again. In season 26 Ossie United will be in the national cup again, playing their first match against a Bot-team.

Arena and Fanclub

Since Ossie United has something with cats and Ossie United mainly plays in green, their fanclub decided to be called 'de Groene Katten'. (dutch for the Green Cats). The Arena of Ossie United is called 'Het Rood-Groene Mandje' wich is dutch for the Red-Green Basket, also a reference to cats. This arena is currently being expanded from 23000 seats to 30000 seats. These are current amounts of seats in this arena and what they will be.

Total Capicity: 23000 (30000)

Terraces: 14055 (18366)

Basic Seating: 5679 (7434)

Seats under roof: 2746 (3546)

Seats in VIP-boxes: 520 (654)

Flag chasing

Ossie United is also a big flagchaser, as can be found on their teampage. They mainly focus on away-game's, where they allready have mor then 40 flags, but they also have a few flags at home. Currently their rarest flag is Guatemala.