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Overijssel is a region in Nederland. With around 25000 teams, Overijssel is a medium region in Nederland. There are rumours though, that there are managers who live somewhere in Overijssel, but register for the regions Drenthe. The reason for this is that Drenthe looks like 'Twente' (a Dutch region, the eastern part of Overijssel, that is not admitted by Hattrick).

Coat of Arms of Overijssel

Flag of Overijssel
Location of Overijssel
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Western Europe
Country:  Nederland
Latitude: 52°50' N
Longitude: 06°37' E
Number of teams: 1137
Time zone: Hattrick Time
updated 23-07-2014

Memorable Moments

There aren't much memorable moments for this region. There was only one club in Overijssel that won a real trophy. In season 5 Fust Athletic won the KNVB Beker. Up to this moment Overijssel is still waiting for its first team to become champion of Nederland.

Regional federations

Other teams of Overijssel (with an article)

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