Par Lielu Latviju

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Par Lielu Latviju! (15613)
Par Lielu Latviju!
Chief Officer Pirats
Founding date 10-12-2004
Members 112 (on 22-03-06)
Languages Latviešu

Par lielu Latviju! - the largest federation in Latvija. It was founded by Basketbolists in late 2004. In the beginning, it was named Oligarhu apvienība; but, after some disagreements in the Latvian U-20 elections, the federation split. A large segment of some of the more famous Latvian Hattrick players left this federation. This was a hard time for this federation.
There were now just over 40 members; so, Basketbolists made a decision to change the federation. With the changes came the new federation title "Par lielu Latviju". The rules of the federation became different. Now, it is a federation without purpose.
In September 2006, Pirats became a leader of this federation. There are now about 90 members in the federation, and this number growing. After the crisis in the federation, when a lot of people left it, there has always been a rivalry between Par lielu Latviju and Enkurs which is another large Latvian federation. In Enkurs you may find almost all HT players who left Par lielu Latviju.