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The preferences page can be reached by using the My Hattrick Menu.
Here you can change all kinds of settings.

Personal information[edit]

Here you can change your:

  • Alias
  • Login name
  • Email adress
  • Password

Security Code[edit]

Here you can set a Security code.

CHPP applications[edit]

Here you get a list of all the CHPP applications you gave permissing to access your data on Hattrick.

Team Preferences[edit]

Here you can set a home page for your team, it will appear on the bottom of the teampage.

In the Off season you can also change your teamname and region.

And you can accept or deny promotion if extra slots are available when bot are removed at the end of the season. This option only apply to teams playing in VIIth division and lower.

Site Preferences[edit]

Here you can:

  • Change language.
  • Selected standard or simple theme.
  • Selected standard or simple league table layout.
  • Turn on/off match order form for visually impared.
  • Turn on/off receive newsletter.
  • Turn on/off player faces.
  • Turn on/off skill bars.
  • Turn on/off the news ticker
  • Turn on/off Supporter privacy
  • Turn on/off last visit privacy

If you turn on the last two, expect a two week delay when you turn them off again.

Forum Preferences[edit]

Here you can set your forum priorities, Forum signature and all kinds of advanced forum options.

Mobile preferences[edit]

Here you can manage your Hattrick Mobile options.
Who may sent you an SMS, Register your phone, view your SMS log, etc.

Shortcut settings[edit]

Here you can change the shortcut settings

Blocked users[edit]

The blocked users list. Users on this list are blocked from becoming a supporter to your team or writing in your guestbook.
If you change your opinion of the user you can always remove him/her from the list.