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Old version (before 2008)

The news ticker is a supporter feature that shows the latest news in a messagebox on top of the screen.
A maximum of 3 news items are shown, most recent events are written in bold letters.

New version (after 2008)

This news can be:

News Shown as Example
A new HT mail message. (Newsletters are not shown) Subject of the message 13:28 Friendly
A new forum message adressed to you. Forum: <Name of Thread> 18:22 Forum: Why I quit Hattrick
A comment in your guestbook. The message itself 4:45 Hello! Greetings from ...
A raise of a transfer bid made by you. <Team Name> raises for <Player Name> 12:16 Beltxis raises for John Doe
A friendly request. <Name team> has challenged you 14:16 FC Holcim has challenged you
A login by one of the users you support. <Supported User Name> has logged in 10:05 HT-Josef has logged in
A Press announcement by one of the team you support. Press announcement from <Short Team Name> 14:00 Press announcement from Patatje
A bookmarked player who is transferlisted. <Player Name> has been transferlisted 1:15 Bob has been transferlisted
A (former) youth player who is transferlisted. <Player Name> has been transferlisted 22:49 John Doe has been transferlisted
Receiving Mother Club Money. Mother club money 4:00 Mother club money
Receiving money for the sale of a former player. Money for former player 17:16 Money for former player
A player added to the Hall of Fame Player awarded Hall of Fame status 12:39 Player awarded Hall of Fame status
A System Information message. New system information message 8:00 New system information message
An opponent writing a match statement Opponent issued a match statement 16:41 Opponent issued a match statement
A player gaining a level during training. A player changed level! 1:12 A player changed level!
Authorised a CHPP-Product Authorised CHPP-Product 13:26 Authorised CHPP-Product
A welcome message on your login. Welcome <User Name> 12:59 Welcome Dnbrt
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