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Pullasorsa Calcio (1054437)
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Managed by Paolo Chiariello
Continent Europe
Founded 14-07-2010
StadiumPullasorsa Pit Deluxe (42,110 seats)
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Pullasorsa Calcio is a hattrick club founded by -Asamoah-. This historical moment happened on July 14, 2010. The club is located in Helsinki, Suomi.

Future stars are coming from Pullasorsa Calcio youth club/academy Pullasorsa Calcio U-19. The U-19 Academy is specialized in young goalkeeper prospects.

Pullasorsa Calcio has taken part several times in the FIFA.com Club Federation Cup . The club won the FIFA.com Club Federation Cup (XII Edition).

Prematch Song[edit]

Pullasorsa Calcios entrance music is played by Steve Miller Band. [1]

Current Competitions[edit]

  • VI.1000 Finland [2]

Fan Club[edit]

The Pullasorsa Calcio fan club is called Roosat Ja Nerot (The Pink-Blacks). Currently there are 2087 members (August 2014).

Satellite Club[edit]

Culosaaren Vaffat was established in March of 2014. The team is based in Emilia Romagna, Italy and funded by Pullasorsa Calcio Ltd.

Current squad[edit]

As of August 2014.

No. Position Player
2 Suomi DF (RB/CB/LB) Ville Pekkonen (A)
3 Türkiye DF (RB/CB/LB) Mecnun Ortak
4 Uruguay DF (RB/CB/LB) Diego Andrés Onetti
5 Chile DF (CB) Martin Poisson
6 Nederland MF (CM) Stephen van Dal
7 Italia MF (CM) Pietro Scimè
8 Hellas MF (CM/CAM) Thodoros Mpourantas (C)
9 Ukraina FW (ST) Arkadiy Kovalev
10 Chile MF (CM) Jose Rios
11 Nederland FW (ST) Faas Basten
12 Polska MF (RW/RF/LW/LF) Filip Zychski
No. Position Player
13 Suomi MF (CB/CDM/CM) Jani-Markus Kokkomäki (A)
14 Ghana DF (RB/CB/LB) George Rak
15 France MF (CDM/CM) Valentin Boutin
16 España DF (RB/CB/LB) Javier Enrique Gacete
17 Italia MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Nicola Casati
18 Suomi MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Eetu Kepsu (A)
20 România FW (RF/ST/LF) Tiberiu Bărbulescu
21 Suomi MF (CM)) Mikko Malmsten (A)
23 Suomi MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Lauri Seppänen (A)
30 Ghana GK (GK) Nana Gyan
  • (C) = Captain
  • (A) = Has played in the U-19 Academy

Current Staff[edit]

Occupation Name
President -Asamoah-
Coach Paolo Chiariello
Youth Coach Teemu Leiviskä
Scout Juha Tuki
Finance Director Christian Loebenstein
Assistant Manager Toni Pouta
Secretary Sandro Maccarone
Scout Pekka Kivinen
Scout Jukka-Pekka Sääskö
Assistant Coach Joeli Raikunen
Team Doctor Kaapro Raikula
Assistant Coach/Psychologist Pentti Nisula
Fitness Coach Sipi Valasti

Notable former players[edit]

  • Portugal Eduardo Carmo - Crucial goalscorer during Pullasorsa Calcios time in the lower divisions.[3]
  • Italia Sandro Maccarone - Legendary Pullasorsa Calcio striker. Sealed a Div.6 championship for the club on season 49, with his goal(s). [4]
  • Suomi Toni Rehakka - The last one who played from the "starting bunch" (The players that are given when a new hattrick club has been made). [5]
  • România Valeriu Mateescu - The coach who promoted Pullasorsa Calcio from divison 8 to division 6 in 3 seasons. Player agent for the club, nowadays. [6]
  • Suomi Keijo Saukkola - Defender, Former Academy Player. [7]
  • Suomi Mika Fredman - Striker, Former Academy Player. [8]
  • Suomi Aappo Sallanko - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [9]
  • Suomi Taavetti Väyrynen - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [10]
  • Suomi Janne Valovirta - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [11]
  • Suomi Timo Piippo - Goalkeeper, Former Academy Player. [12]
  • Suomi Ville Saarela - Goalkeeper, Former Academy Player. [13]
  • Österreich Franz Han - Very important part of the team, during the early days of Pullasorsat. [14]
  • Suomi Jorma Tommila - Former goalkeeper trainee in the club. [15]
  • Suomi Teemu Pohjanoksa - Former senior squad and academy goalkeeper in the club. [16]