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Founded in: Season 40
Current champions: USA Salem Meadows
Most successful club: Bosnia & Herzegovina Partizan BL

USA Scurge
Mexico AKV Football Club

(1 title and 1 runner-up)

Television broadcaster: Mexico AKV Sports

The Club Federation Cup is a seasonal hattrick football tournament run by the Club Federation since the Season 40. The current title holders are Nicaragua Bayern George after winning the last edition of the Cup.

The tournament has been won by teams from 5 different countries: Romania (1), USA (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Wales (1) and Nicaragua (1). Despite having teams from 15 or more countries each season. The best represented country in the history of the cup is USA, with 2 titles and 3 runner-ups.

The competition is open to any Club Federation member, any FIFA Friend (Teams without Supporter who are registered in or invited teams.

The tournament is characterized by the strong commitment of the teams participating.


Everything started with an idea by Mexico AKV-SoccerFan (Now Mexico AlejandroFC) of creating a cup for the federation. The idea was supported by everyone in the federation at that time, and so, the Club Federation Cup was born.

The first edition of the Cup consisted of 12 teams, divided in two groups of six teams; where the best 4 teams of each group advanced to next stage. The first match ever in the history of the Cup was played on October 14th, 2009. Where Spain Os astutos faced Nicaragua Real George (Now Bayern George) in Spain Luz Arena, in a match where the Nicaraguans won 0-1 with a goal by Greece Muammer Kuloğlu. The winner of the Cup were Romania bijoucatel (Now Bijoucatel Jimbolia) defeated 3-0 to USA Plymouth Punishers, at the Algeria Mokhtar Abdellatif arena.

The second edition of the Cup consisted of 20 teams, increasing his number of participants from 12 to 20. The first stage consisted of the 20 teams divided in 5 groups of four, advancing to the next stage the winners and runner-ups of each group together the best 3 third-placed teams. The winners were USA Scurge, after defeating 6-1 to Costa Rica CR dynamo in the SemiFinals and defeating 2-3 to USA Wolverton Imperials at USA The Marsh.

The third edition was characterized because of the big fail by the organizer, after he had Internet problems and cannot log in for a long time, after 2 matchdays. Even if the Cup were so bad organized, the cup were not abandoned. USA Sachem rescued the cup and organized it. The Cup had 32 teams registered, the largest in the history of the competition. The winners were Bosnia & Herzegovina Partizan BL, which defeated Romania LETSSOK-2009 in extra time by a score of 1-2. The final match was played in Norway Norway, exactly at Norway The Police Stadion.

The fourth edition saw a new user organizing it: USA Somber-Goat. After Mexico AlejandroFC decided to not organise it to avoid any problem. It also had 32 teams participating, drawing the largest in the history of the Cup. The winners were Wales DavisFC, only in their first participation ever. They defeated 0-8 to Germany FC Sherry in the final, played at Mexico AKV Stadium. the largest score balance and highest number of goals scored in a Final match in the history of the Cup.

The fifth edition saw the return of the Organizer of Cup: Mexico AlejandroFC. This was the greatest edition ever. The tournament consisted of 28 teams divided in 7 groups of four, advancing to the next stage the best 2 placed teams of each group with the 2 best third-placed teams. The winners were USA Salem Meadows, after defeating Bosnia & Herzegovina Partizan BL in penalties, which participated in their second final, winning their first one. In front of 3,810 fans, USA Salem Meadows were the second USAmerican team ever to win the Cup.

List of Champions

Edition Winner Runner-up
I Romania Bijoucatel Jimbolia 1 USA Plymouth Punishers
II USA Scurge USA Wolverton Imperials
III Bosnia & Herzegovina Partizan BL Romania LETSSOK-2009
IV Wales DavisFC Germany FC Sherry
V USA Salem Meadows Bosnia & Herzegovina Partizan BL
VI Nicaragua Bayern George USA Scurge
VII Argentina Villa Elisa F.C. Mexico AKV Football Club
VIII Mexico AKV Football Club Hungary Kutyaütők SC
IX Mexico AKV Football Club France CSK ARRAS

1 As Romania bijoucatel.