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RC Grootegast (149033)
RC Grootegast
Managed by YoRolf
Club information
LocationGroningen Nederland
ArenaRolfo Drome
Fan ClubGrootegast Fanatics


The club was founded 14-05-2003 in Nederland and had an awful start with a inevitable relegation from VI.755 to VII.17, because the manager didn't understand the game yet. But then in three seasons RC Grootegast managed to become undefeated champions with 42 points in VII.17 and win promotion back to the VI, this time it was the VI.183. After a third and an second place in the league the third season became more joyful for the RC Grootegast side because they won the championship with a stunning 39 points. This time they promoted to the V.246. But this became an deception, they ended the season on the worst position imaginable, 8. So again an relegation, this time to the VI.751. But RC Grootegast had a good trainingseason in the V. They've changed to Scoring training and because of that, they have good attacking ability's with players like Hipolito Berasategui and Zamri bin Abdul Rashid. They were just 18 that season, in the first season only fchilversum could prevent RC Grootegast from taking the title. The second season in the VI.751 began dramatic. But on the end RC Grootegast won the title and promoted to the V.157. A strong V division with some very nice and strong teams. In the first season the main objective was very simple and clear: "Do Not Regulate again from the V". And this way occurred. They managed a respectively third place and avoided an "P/D Match". The second season in V.157 was sensational, RC Grootegast won all games except one draw and besides that, a wonderful cuprun that ended in the 7th round, so a magnificent performance and RC Grootegast managed to get 2 topscorers, namely: Zamri bin Abdul Rashid and Sadi Frutuoso both scored 12 goals. RC Grootegast currently plays in IV.17.


In the history of RC Grootegast, we've managed to win some titles and some players made it to be the top scorers in a league.


VII.17 VI.183 VI.751 V.157

Top scorers

Season League Player Goals Top scorer
20 IV.17 - - -
19 V.157 Sadi Frutuoso 12 yes
19 V.157 Zamri bin Abdul Rashid 12 yes
18 V.157 Hipolito Berasategui 9 no
17 VI.751 Zamri bin Abdul Rashid 11 no
16 VI.751 Rembrandt Gilsing 10 no
15 V.246 Dimitri Nerrière 5 no
14 VI.183 Dimitri Nerrière 15 yes
13 VI.183 Dimitri Nerrière 15 yes
12 VI.183 Henk van het Wiel 10 no
11 VII.17 Joost Beekman 13 no
10 VII.17 Joost Beekman 11 no
9 VII.17 Joost Beekman 17 yes
8 VI.755 Hana Al-Sulayman 5 no


Season League Standing Cuprun
20 IV.17 - 4
19 V.157 1 7
18 V.157 3 6
17 VI.751 1 4
16 VI.751 2 4
15 V.246 8 2
14 VI.183 1 5
13 VI.183 2 3
12 VI.183 3 -
11 VII.17 1 -
10 VII.17 3 -
9 VII.17 4 -
8 VI.755 7 -


Rolfo Drome

Name: Rolfo Drome
Last improvement: 05-05-2006
Total capacity: 60125
Terraces: 37800
Basic seating: 15000
Seats under roof: 6000
Seats in VIP boxes: 1325


During the week we like to play friendly matches in foreign countries. In every country we visit we buy an flag that we put in our Club House. These are the flags we already collected:

Argentina Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada
Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Wales Cyprus Denmark
Germany Estonia El Salvador England Spain Faroe Islands France North Macedonia
South Korea Greece Croatia Indonesia Republic of Ireland Iceland Israel Italy
Latvia Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lithuania Hungary Malta Mexico Egypt
Netherlands Japan Norway Northern Ireland Oceania Austria Panama Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Scotland
Slovenia Slovakia South Africa Serbia Finland Sweden Tunisia Turkey
Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uruguay USA Venezuela