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With ranking, each league team or national team, including teams that compare equal, receives a distinct ordinal numbers that evaluates the seasonal performance.

League teams

They are sorted according to the series position at the end of the season and this ranking stays the same for the duration of an entire season.

Although it is established at the league level, the ranking has an effect mainly on the future cup fixture.

Ranking calculation

Teams are first ranked by the division they will play in this season, then ranked within a particular division as follows:

  1. Active demoted teams
  2. Active teams that neither demoted nor promoted
  3. Teams that promoted by their own strength
  4. Teams that promoted for "free" (replacing a demoted bot)
  5. Bots, in case of vacant spots

Ranking in cup system

Cup rankings are set before the season starts and are based on end of finish the last season. Teams are ranked starting in the Top Series and working their way down. Criteria for ranking are, in order of use:

  • Division Level
  • Finish Place within series
  • Total Points
  • Goal Difference
  • Goals For

Rankings for the cup never change during the season. #1 plays the lowest, #2 plays the second lowest, and so on. The lower ranked team plays at home.

In cups, the higher-ranked team will always play away.

Teams that enter a competition in a later round are always seeded to meet the teams that have entered the competition early. If teams entered the competition at the same time, the highest-ranked teams are always seeded to meet the lowest-ranked teams.

In practice this means that if you manage to stay in the National Cup until round 5 or 6, when you enter a Challenger Cup you will be seeded against a team that was eliminated in the National Cup in round 1 or 2, regardless of your regular Cup ranking.

National teams

Another ranked kind of teams are the Country's national squad and U-20 team, both taking part to the World Cup.

A World Cup begins every season and starts with a qualification round. Seeding for World Cup Round I is based on ranking, which is determined by previous World Cup results.


The following table gives the amount of points awarded in each round. If a game wasn't decided in overtime, the result after penalty kicks is used.

Rounds Win Tie
Final 350
Semi-Finals 350
Round IV 250 125
Round III 150 75
Round II 75 37
Round I 30 15

Ranking points are only used to determine the seeding for the qualification rounds. National team friendlies do not count towards ranking points.

The ranking points for all teams are reset when the World Cup draw is made. The points earned in each World Cup are used to seed the following World Cup qualifying round.

The RANK (not ranking points) is calculated when the World Cup schedule is drawn. It is then used until the next World Cup. It is therefore not updated when the ranking points change during the season.

Group position deciders

The groups are decided based on (in order of importance): - Points - Goal Difference - Goals Scored - Ranking points in last World Cup (going into qualification) / Result at end of previous round (going into round II, III and IV)

In the semi-final and the final, extra time and possibly a penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner.