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Real Groenteboer (367317)
Managed by groenteboer_fc
Club information
LocationNoord-Brabant Nederland
ArenaSantiago Broccoli
Fan ClubDe Worteltjes


Real Groenteboer was founded in 2004 in The Netherlands Netherlands

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38 4th in V.168round 4
37 3th in V.168round 3
36 7th in IV.11round 6
35 3th in IV.11round 6
34 6th in IV.11round 6
33 6th in III.10round 5
32Division III.PNG1st in III.10round 10
31 6th in II.4round 8
30Division III.PNG1st in III.7round 5
29 6th in III.7round 7
28 4th in III.7round 12
(1/8 final)
27Division IV.PNG1st in IV.45round 8
26Division V.PNG1st in V.20round 5
25 3rd in V.20round 5
24 4th in V.20round 8
23Division VI.PNG1st in VI.1005round 3
22 3rd in VI.1005round 3
21 5th in VI.1005round 3
20 3rd in VI.1005round 3
19 2nd in VI.1005round 3
18 3rd in VI.1005round 4
17Division VI.PNG1st in VI.1005round 4
16Division VII.PNG1st in VII.486round 3
15Division VIII.PNG1st in VIII.893round 2
14Division IX.png1st in IX.98not qualified
13 7th in IX.98not qualified

International Games

The Santiago Broccoli stadium is the home ground of Real Groenteboer. The stadium hosted the interational friendly between Nederland Netherlands and Danmark Denmark on 30 june 2006, which ended in a 0-5 victory for Danmark.

The stadium is visited by teams of several countries accross the globe:

Algeria Morocco Jordan Andorra Argentina Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium
Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Chile
Taiwan China Colombia Costa Rica Montenegro Wales Cyprus Denmark
Germany Ecuador Estonia El Salvador England Spain Faroe Islands France
Ghana Guatemala South Korea Greece Armenia Honduras Hong Kong Croatia
India Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Iceland Israel Italy Jamaica
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Latvia Luxembourg Lithuania Hungary North Macedonia
Malaysia Malta Mexico Egypt Moldova Northern Ireland Netherlands Nicaragua
Nigeria Japan Norway Oceania Austria Pakistan Panama Paraguay
Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Thailand Dominican Republic Romania Russia
Georgia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Scotland Senegal Albania Singapore Slovenia
Slovakia South Africa Serbia Finland Sweden Tunisia Turkey Ukraine
United Arab Emirates Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam

Real Groenteboer travelled to several countries for international games as well:

Argentina Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Czech Republic Colombia Costa Rica Germany
Spain France Greece Croatia Indonesia Iran Israel Italy
Lithuania Malta Mexico Egypt Netherlands Peru Philippines Portugal
Dominican Republic Russia Switzerland Slovakia Serbia Sweden Uruguay Venezuela

The youth team, Real Groenteboer Cassave, also plays against top youth teams from different countries. Ciudad Deportiva de Veldsla, the youth training facility, has welcomed youth teams from different countries:

Andorra Angola Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belgium Brunei Cape Verde
Czech Republic Costa Rica Denmark Germany Ecuador Spain Ghana Guatemala
Armenia Italy Latvia Luxembourg Mozambique Mongolia Netherlands Nicaragua
Nigeria Japan Oman Pakistan Thailand South Africa Suriname Tanzania
Trinidad & Tobago United Arab Emirates


Dante HanssenNetherlands
Ludwik RoznowiczPoland
Maciej ZajaczkwskiPoland
Del HardingUSA
-José Manuel DavisChile


(Records are taken from start to season 29)

Best League Position:1st in III (s29)
Worst League Position:7th in IX (s13)
Highest Attendance:60000 - Real Groenteboer 2 - 1 Dassel United Netherlands (league s27,w8)
Highest Gate Income:580 250 €
Highest Average Attendance:56137 (s28)
Biggest Win:V.V. Doelloos Netherlands 0 - 13 Real Groenteboer (cup s23,w1)
Biggest League Win:Real Groenteboer 11 - 0 Taniquetil S.C. Netherlands (s27,w3)
Biggest Defeat:Real Groenteboer 0 - 8 FC Paas Netherlands (cup s17,w4)
Biggest League Defeat:Real Groenteboer 0 - 6 losnacos Netherlands (s21,w6)
Highest Scoring Game:V.V. Doelloos Netherlands 0 - 13 Real Groenteboer (cup s23,w1)
Highest League Scoring Game:Lokomotiv Roelski Netherlands 1 - 11 Real Groenteboer (s26,w12)
Longest Series Of Wins:14 - (s15,w5 - s16,w2)
Longest Series Of Defeats:3 - (s18,w4 - s18,w5)
Longest Series Without A Loss:17 - (s15,w2 - s16,w2)
Longest Series Without A Win:4 - (s29,w8 - s29,w11)
Topscorer:28 - Del Harding USA (s23)
League Topscorer:20 - Jessie Hitchcock Israel (s14)
Most Goals In One Game:4 - Eugen Spale Germany vs. swv Netherlands (s15,w1)
Highest Average Star Rating:8,68 - Yeonjin Kim South Korea (s28)
Most Times MOTM:14 - Yeonjin Kim South Korea (s24)
Most Booked:Pieter-Jesse Bekooi Netherlands (3 red cards/2 yellow card) (s25)
Most League Games:150 - Yeonjin Kim South Korea
Most League Goals:88 - Jean-Marc Wolvensberg Netherlands
Youngest Player:16 years and 77 days - Emil Hartmans Netherlands vs. Looney Babes Netherlands (cup s21,w3)
Oldest Player:38 years and 105 days - Maciej Zajaczkwski Poland vs. Flexy Netherlands (cup s20,w2)
Highest Transfer Fee Payed:4 818 000 € - Fokko van de Arend Netherlands from FC Hearts of Iron Austria
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved:3 500 000 € - Frank Strobelt Germany to empifas Portugal
Highest Total Transfer Fee Payed:6 661 000 € (s24)
Highest Total Transfer Fee Recieved:6 036 003 € (s29)