Yeonjin Kim

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Yeonjin Kim (70758346)
Personal Information
Full name Yeonjin Kim
Country  Hanguk
Position Inner Midfielder
Club Information
Current club Slovenia Nk Fosfor (1115521)
Senior Clubs1
Seasons (Global) Team GP (goals)
_14 (27) - 14 (27) South Korea Puddinhead __0 _(0)
_15 (27) - 29 (41) Netherlands Real Groenteboer 201 (41)
_27 (41) - 27 (41) Switzerland 1.FC Gotzenwil __6 _(1)
_40 (41) - 40 (41) Italy Ftar Football __2 _(0)
_40 (41) - 40 (41) Germany Sturm Wersen __1 _(0)
_24 (41) - 29 (46) Israel flame arrows _86 (23)
Total 296 (65)
National Team
-  Hanguk _____23 _(3)____

1Senior club appearances and goals counted
for competitive matches only

Yeonjin Kim is a South Korean Hattrick player.


Yeonjin Kim was not a great talent at the start of his career, proven by the mere € 12.110 Real Groenteboer payed to Puddinhead to purchase him at the age of 17. But since the South Korean youth system did not produce many great talents, he almost made the U20 team by working hard on his main asset, his playmaking skills.

While playing for Real Groenteboer he helped the club achieve a couple of promotions and soon became an important midfield player. Since the age of 19 he has been a first-team regular, growing along with his club. Spending years in the sixth tier of the Dutch league system, he growed better and better and even acquired some passing and set pieces skills.

Soon Yeonjin Kim became the absolute star player of Real Groenteboer. This did not only attract interest from other clubs, but also from the South Korean national team. He soon recieved a call up and made his debut when South Korea defeated Paraguay 2-0 in a friendly in global season 35. The same season he helped Real Groenteboer finally achieve promotion from VI.1005, and was man of the match in the decisive qualifier. Two more promotions with Real Groenteboer would follow, reaching the third tier of the Dutch league system.

Through some transfers Yeonjin Kim got to play in Swiss and Italian third division and German fifth division, before ending up with flame arrows in the Israeli Ligat Ha´al.

Prize Shelf

Division IV.PNGDivision V.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VII.PNGDivision VIII.PNG

2 Slovenian Series:

  • Series Champion VI.282 (138913), Season 32
  • Series Champion VI.658 (139289), Season 30

6 Dutch Series:

  • Series Champion IV.45 (2260), Season 27
  • Series Champion V.20 (8137), Season 26
  • Series Champion VI.1005 (18480), Season 23
  • Series Champion VI.1005 (18480), Season 17
  • Series Champion VII.486 (25774), Season 16
  • Series Champion VIII.893 (45431), Season 15