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RebEleven (505267)
Managed by RebelClown
Club information
LocationGroningen Nederland
Fan ClubThe Twelfth Rebel

RebEleven began it's existence on the 25th of June 2004, when manager User:RebelClown started a club in the new IX division in Nederland. Although 2 days of preparation were hardly adequate, the team managed to draw it's first game. After this the club bought some trainees and started training crossing under supervision of coach Diego Cruz. The rest of the season was a complete success, all the games were won giving RebEleven it's first and currently only medal as champion of IX.440.

The second season was decided in the 2 matches between the title contenders Lazio Cornfleek and RebEleven. A draw and a defeat meant the team ended second in VIII.493 and promoted to division VII. Extension of the cup system in this season gave RebEleven it's first taste of the KNVB Beker: a first round defeat against VI divisionist Enae Volare Mezzo.

In season number 3 the opposition became tougher. * AFC AJAX * won all games and won the championship of VII.983, leaving Recognize and RebEleven to battle it out for second place. Both teams won all other matches, again leaving the decision to be made in the head-to-head matches. Each won their respective home game, which lead to the decision being made on goal difference. In this, Recognize was much better, so for the first time in it's short history RebEleven did not promote. In the cup RebEleven managed to shock VIth level Fc de bolleboys with a 4-1 defeat, but this was followed by a 4-1 loss agaianst COB Hate Crew, also form division VI.

The frustration over this goal difference thing became a trauma when in season 4 RebEleven won all games except 1, still not enough for the title. Second place after Lokomotiv Knippenberg gave a right to promote to division VI, but still felt as a defeat. Embarrasingly, the club was thrown out of the cup in the first round by fellow 7th grader THE KOI POND. However, long term objectives were succesfully achieved this season: a new solid coach, Ovidiu Lazãr, was brought in, a clown and a mascotte were boought, and the stadium was expanded to 32000 places. Most important was the record breaking sale of Sebastian Stan for 3.5 million euros.

The fifth season became the best yet. A drastic overhaul of the selection and a switch to scoring training led to an unexpected 4th place in VI.710. The cup continued to be something of an blemish, after a first round defeat of VIIth div RSC Apeldoorn followed again a second round exit, this time against 6th divisionist BFC.

Currently RebEleven finished their 9th season, still in VI.710, at 4th place. They have finally managed to beat the cup trauma by reaching the fourth round two seasons in a row.

Season Competition Placed Cupround
12 IX.440 1 -
13 VIII.493 2 1
14 VII.983 3 2
15 VII.983 2 1
16 VI.710 4 2
17 VI.710 5 2
18 VI.710 6 2
19 VI.710 6 4
20 VI.710 4 4
21 VI.710 1 7
22 V.169 2 6
23 V.169 3 7
24 V.169 8 3
25 VI.280 3 4
26 VI.280 2 5
27 VI.280 1 3
28 VI.280 1 3
29 V.162 ? 3