Désiré Smellinckx

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Personal Information
Full name Désiré Smellinckx
Country  Belgium
Position Midfielder
Best Prestation HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png
Club Information
Current club Finland Hagnäs IFK
Youth Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
38-39 Belgium RCDeportivo La Coruna _ unknown
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
38-39 Belgium RCDeportivo La Coruna _0_(0)
39-41 Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _7_(6)
41-42 Finland Hagnäs IFK _12_(0)
42- France Lille 238 _0_(0)

Désiré Smellinckx (Ghent,  Belgium) is a Belgian football player who actualy plays for Lille 238. He is a Midfielder.

Early career

Désiré started his career at RCDeportivo La Coruna from Belgium. He was discovered as a promising youth player in their squad, and was promoted to first squad during Global Season 38. He played several friendlies for RCDeportivo La Coruna, but never a real competition match.

Career at SVV Red Star Brussels

Désiré Smellinckx joined SVV Red Star Gent after that team payed a transfer sum of 43 000 € to their former owners. The young midfielder immediatly made it to the first squad, and became an important part of the SVV Red Star Brussels midfield.

Seasons Overview at Red Star Brussels

This tabel gives an overview of the matches Désiré Smellinckx played through the seasons.

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
39 IX.1432 1 0 0 0 1 0
40 IX.1432 3 1 0 0 3 1
41 VIII.255 3 5 0 0 3 5
Total 7 6 0 0 7 6

Later career

Désiré Smellinckx moved on January 18th 2010 to the Finnish side Hagnäs IFK for 424 000€. He played some of the competition matches, and some of the friendlies, and continued to develop. This further developpement ensured him a transfer to French side Lille 238.

Personal Life

Désiré is known as a difficult player on the personal level, with little contact with other team mates. He is however honest as gold, when he first arrived at the team building to sign his contract, he hit an old lady with his car. However not much harm was done, he offered three months of his salary to compensate the lady for damages she had suffered.

Désiré now lives in an appartment in Lille, France.