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During global season 37 Hattrick started sending out reinvitation emails to former managers. These mails contains an invitation to come back to the game. The mail assumes the role of the inactive players old team captain, trying to persuade him to come back to the game. Here is the full content of these emails:

Hi coach!

<captains name> here, your old captain from your Hattrick team <team name>. Do you remember me?

I wanted to tell you, things aren't what they used to be in the old neighbourhood. The fans miss having a team to follow... and I feel the same way. Would you consider taking up your manager career again?

Actually, boss, it might be just the time to give it another try... a lot of things have changed over at Hattrick. There is a new design, the servers are faster, and there are a lot of new features since your days.

We think it would be amazing to have you back with us. Check out the new site here - and if you feel like it, you will be able to start a new club in no time!

And if you do, you can be sure me and the other old players would always be there for you on the terraces!

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Please note that you may only have one team in Hattrick at the same time.

Some notes:

  • These emails do not get sent out to players that were banned for cheating.
  • This shows that user information is stored for years in the Hattrick database.

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