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Rickert Euwe (151691804) was GAB's first striker in the first seasons after the founding of the club. He scored 45 goals in 81 matches,mostly with headers in the lower left corner completely unreachable by goalkeepers.

Retired at age 30

Rickert never intended to play football for a long period and caused a great upset by announcing his retirement from active football at age 30. Rickert wanted to focus on his checkers career in wich he quickly became a global favorite not in the least place because of his attractive style of play and prolific remarks about opponents and officials.

Rickert never forgot his roots though,and became the club's head&corner-speciality trainer on tuesday and thursday.Mainly training the team (and his former team mates) the art of heading and corners.

The youth academy days

After the club's president Bligo and Egbert van Merkenstein had a important meeting in regard to the longe range planning of players,they both agreed that a youthplan was the way to go and that Rickert Euwe was by far the best candidate to structure the newly formed academy.

Currently Rickert Euwe is Head Manager Youth academy leading a staff of 17. He still plays checkers on a very high level,and won the dutch open championship three times in a row.Rickert still has never played a match outside the Netherlands in both football and checkers.