Roland Bretean

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Roland Bretean (396034993)
Roland Bretean.jpg
Personal Information
Full name Roland Bretean
Age47 years and 52 days
Country  România
PositionInner midfielder
Current team retired
Youth Career
Youth teamRomania Ciu Mi Cii
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
55Romania Ciu Me Cii()
55Slovenia FC Grande City()
55England fear the darkness()
55 - 62Belgium Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track69(16)
62 - 63Portugal ---KAMAZ---()
63 - 65Vietnam Shamrock Szczecin()
65 - 70Portugal The Shadow Puppets()
70 - 72Italy Borgorotto fc()
72 - 73Norway CA60()
73 - 79Romania Ciu Me Cii()

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Roland Bretean is a retired Romanian football player, who last played for Ciu Me Cii in Romania.

Drifting through Europe at the young age of 17, Bretean eventually ended up with Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track in Belgium, where he met a nice girlfriend and decided to stay. He grew out over the years to a talented midfielder, but lost his girlfriend in an unfortunate lethal coconut costume dancing contest accident, causing him to leave Belgium out of grief. He decided to go live in Portugal, avoiding all coconut products, a shame because batida de coco was his favorite cocktail. Eventually he returned to his initial club in Romania.