Roosendaal Cup

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Roosendaal Cup
Roosendaal Cup Trophy.jpg
Country Netherlands the Netherlands
International cup
Teams 4
Champion fc de femkes

Roosendaal Cup

The Roosendaal Cup is an international cup held in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. The Roosendaal Cup was established in March 2016. Four teams participated in the first edition. The current champion is fc de femkes. All goal scorers and other information you can find at the Roosendaal Cup statistics page.


The following teams have participated in the Roosendaal Cup:

Country Team S1 S2
Netherlands Blue Mountain State Goatz 3 -
Netherlands V.v. Winkelwagentje 2 -
Netherlands fc de femkes 1 -
Sweden Västerås Winged Cats 4 -

Hall of Fame

Top Scorer

Nat. Player Club Goals
Netherlands Chris Erenstein V.v. Winkelwagentje 3
Netherlands Sylvain de Moll V.v. Winkelwagentje 2
Poland Dawid Jantas fc de femkes 1
Austria Erich Schneider fc de femkes 1
Cyprus Kiriakos Omirou Blue Mountain State Goatz 1
Serbia Luka Topalović V.v. Winkelwagentje 1
Suriname Iwan Drenthe V.v. Winkelwagentje 1
Italy Mario Iodice fc de femkes 1
Netherlands Henkjan van Lingen fc de femkes 1
Netherlands Kelvin Merkelijn V.v. Winkelwagentje 1
Netherlands Chamel Gouweleeuw fc de femkes 1

Most Booked

Nat. Player Club GeleKaart.gif RodeKaart.gif
Sweden Zülfikâr Sazak Västerås Winged Cats 1 0
Netherlands Chamel Gouweleeuw fc de femkes 1 0
Wales Gwyn Walker Blue Mountain State Goatz 1 0
Netherlands Zacharias Zoomers fc de femkes 1 0