SC Strijdlust Utrecht

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Sportclub Strijdlust Utrecht (144857)
SC Strijdlust Utrecht
Managed by DOM=Wesley
Club information
LocationUtrecht Nederland
ArenaSportcomplex Zuid-Oost
Fan ClubDe Dappere Dodo's


SC Strijdlust Utrecht is as football club led bij manager user:DOM=Wesley. They have had their ups and downs, but now they are laying low in the VI-division. But it is just a matter of time before they will want to go for succes again!


Stijdlust(dutch for thrist for battle) was founded in season 7 by manager Wesley. At the founding the club was called De Coeners. After a mere two season De Coeners, a real defensive team, became the favorite for the title in their league VI.233. In the five seasons of being favorite they actually just became champion twice. Between these seasons Benedictus Deenik tryed out for the A-squad manager Wesley saw great potential for this young lad and so did the scouts for this 17 years old excellent defender. After the second championship they promoted directly to V.229 where they finished seventh after a horrible season, both in the competition and in the cup. To make things right they won the Domstad Cup of the Domstad Federatie, thanks to the help of their newest player keeper Xabel Almarza. But finishing seventh in the league ment direct relegation to the VI.430. Here De Coeners were the instant favorite for the title, but bad luck beseiged the club and it took them three tries to finally become champion again. Benedictus the prodigy-defender got injured right after his nineteenth birthday, with three weeks behind scheduele Dassen the U-20coach of the Netherlands, lost his interest in our greatest treasure. After that De Coeners stopt training defenders leaving Benedictus to never become a divine defender for the nationalteam. When they stopped training defenders they swiched to the training of wingers. This resulted to a great cup run and most impressive ratings. After two more seasons of V-division De Coeners found them selfs at relegation to a VI-division once again. Manager Wesley sold all the players except future coach Arnout Blezer, Benedictus Deenik, and Keeper Xabel Almarza. He formed a new squad with low salaries and now they are ready to begin an new season!



Season League Standing Cuprun
21 VI.792 .. 5
20 VI.792 3 2
19 V.116 8 5
18 V.116 5 4
17 VI.430 1 6
16 VI.430 2 3
15 VI.430 2 4
14 V.229 7 1
13 VI.233 1 3
12 VI.233 2 2
11 VI.233 2 1
10 VI.233 1 1
9 VI.233 2 1
8 VI.233 5 n/a
7 VI.233 8 n/a

Special Players

  • Benedictus Deenik - This youth-talent nearly made it to the U-20,but got behind because of an injury. He mow is the teams best player good for seven stars
  • Xabel Almarza (Chi) - The keeper if the team, he has played 165 matches for the team, 103 were official matches. He is an unthinkable part of the team.
  • Kai van der Velden - The former winger/midfielder of the team was the first player ever to reach 100 and 150 matches for the team. Only Xabel Almarza played more matches and coach Geri Kobi was able to reach the magical 150 as wel. kai was an extraordinary player, because his highest stat was merely passable and still he remained a player in the team for more than 10 seasons. He now finally has retired and made his move into the gallery of eternity!