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DOM-Wesley is the manager of SC Strijdlust Utrecht

More about the user:

Name: Wesley van der Linden
Age: 18 (16-01-1988)
Gender: Male
Favorite Football Club: FC Utrecht
Hattrick Startdate: 07-02-2003 om 20:58

His faithfull Supporters:

Daan-17 of Rapid Vitesse
Collonner of FC Stoeprand
shivandragon of Shivan Dragon
albinisme of Manga Mania
Flipski of FC Ans Wich
janpatat of Wiekslag
DOM-vanSwieten of V.V.V.S.
bachbach of FC Bachus

Joined federations:

'Salvator' of the Domstad Federatie
'Gezellige bezoeker' at Hattrick Drankjes Café
'Bewoner' at Sealand
'Member' at Official Dutch Federation
'Euromaster' at Hattrick Federation Rotterdam