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SK Brann (162021)
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managed by Eilanda
Full name Sportsklubben Brann
Abbreviation SKB
Nickname The Reds
Founded 26.10.07 as S.K BRANN
Location Troms, Norge
Ground Brann Stadion
Size 60.000
Fanclub Brann Bataljonen Bergen
President Morten Bjørge
Coach Jes Steinicke
League IV.21
Pos. (last
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updated on: 11.10.15
Team kits
Home kit
Away kit

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Season 42

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Season 39

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Season 37


SK Brann is a hattrick club founded by Eilanda. This historical moment happened on October 26, 2007. Brann is located in Troms, Norge, and they play their matches at the honorable Brann Stadion. Their best ever national ranking was achieved at September 7, 2015, which was as the 196th best team in Norway. Future stars are coming from their youth club SK Brann Football Academy. The biggest star of SK Brann, Jes 'Kniksen' Steinicke, came from their own youth club. He was born as a natural leader, and has been the captain of SK Brann since he was only 18 years old. The highlight of Brann's history must be in Global Season 51, when Brann managed to secure their place in the fifth division, after going through a qualification game. Unfortunately, they relegated back down to the sixth division the season after. In the over twenty seasons long history of SK Brann, they have only won two official trophies. In the early seasons, Brann didn't have the economical muscles they have today, and most of the players were Norwegian amateur players which almost hadn't touched a football their entire life. But some of them were motivated, and can today look at themselves as some true club legends, like Jørgen Bråthen or Noah Kløvedal.

Early seasons (GS 34-36)

Sportsklubben Brann was founded at a late October evening in 2007 at the local pub by Eilanda, and Eilanda didn't have any high qualification demands, the only thing he was looking for was players that were able to kick a football. There were only twenty men present at the pub that evening, so Eilanda decided to offer everyone a place at his new team. Everyone accepted the offer, and Sportsklubben Brann was born. Brann originally took over the spot of GS 1905, and played their first season in VII.851. Their first season went exceptionally well, and they ended on the third place, and had the same amount of points as the second place, but had a worse goal difference. The next season went far better, and Brann promoted to the sixth division, with a twelve point gap to the third place.

Their debut season in the sixth division wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday for the Brann squad, and they got more or less slaughtered in every fixture. And their cup fixtures didn't go much better, they lost 0-7 at home against storhøvgen fk in the first round, and got eliminated.

The breakthrough (GS 37-38)

Back in the seventh division again, Brann wanted to promote as fast as possible, and immediately started to gather points, winning three of their four first fixtures. But Stringfield and Nordskot United were much stronger, and had the upper hand over Brann in their respective games. Brann managed to stay at the second place until the 13th round, but after losing to the already crowned champions Stringfield in the 14th round, Brann fell down to the third place, and had to spend another season in the mud.

Brann hoped the next season would become easier, and hopefully to take the league title. But one of the teams that relegated to Brann's division, were Bjartyparty, a team that had won the third division only six seasons earlier. The struggle for the title was pretty much straight forward, Brann stayed at the 1st place for the four first league games, and got replaced by Bjartyparty after that, until the season was over. But Brann managed to promote, and to leave the seventh division for good.

The long regatta (GS 39-48)

This period can be described as many things, like a stagnation, a crash, panic, and even as a crisis. Because for the nine seasons Brann stayed in the sixth division, nothing seemed to happen. Players joined the squad, other players left, and at the end, Brann was one of the dinosaurs of their division. Already after only four seasons, Brann were really close to promote to the fifth division, but were three points short at the end of the season. The following season Brann ended at the fourth place, and jumped back and forth like this for many seasons. But in GS 47, when Brann also ended at the second place, no stronger team than Brann relegated down, giving Brann the perfect chance to pull theirselves out from the mud. Brann took care of their chance, and finished first the season after, taking home their very first trophy.

The tough establishment in div. V (The yo-yo years) (GS 49-54)

These seasons were tough for Brann, both for the fans and the players. The first promotion to div. V was more or less horrible, and Brann were sent straight back to the sixth division after ending at the eight place. Brann managed to win their division the season after, and get a new chance to establish in the fifth division. And after ending at the fifth place in the upcoming season, they also won their qualification game, meaning they had renewed their contract. But when the fans looked forward to be among the top four, Brann relegated back down to the sixth division after once again ending at the eight place. But in GS 53, Brann seemed to have broken the year long curse when they won the sixth division for the third time, and the season after, finished at a strong second place in the fifth division.

A new era (GS 55-present)

After the past season's strong placement, Brann did what no one would have thought were even close to possible a couple of seasons ago, to win the fifth division. Brann went through the season without even losing a single point, giving them a promotion to the fourth division.

Memorable matches and feuds

Throughout the history of Brann, they have faced some challenges, both strong teams and skilled managers. Here's a collection of the most memorable of them.

SK Brann 2 - 0 Isbjørn BK (V.35)

After losing to Isbjørn BK 1-3 the week before, Brann had to win this match in order to still have a chance to win the league title. The Isbjørn squad was on the paper much stronger than the Brann squad, and should have taken the victory easily. But with captain Jes Steinicke in the lead, Brann resisted the force of Isbjørn, and sent them back to Sør-Trøndelag with none of the points.

Gorillabanden 4 - 1 SK Brann (IV.21)

This was the game that decided the outcome of a truly incredible and amazing season for Brann.


For a more detailed article about SK Brann's results, both international and domestic, please check out List of SK Brann records and statistics

Season Competition Trophy
GS 48 League League champions of VI.832
GS 50 League League champions of VI.435
GS 53 League League champions of VI.505


Season Competition Trophy
GS 38 Cup Bronze winners of 2007'erne cupen
GS 41 Cup Bronze winners of 2007'erne cupen
GS 52 Cup Champions of Landa League II

Fan Club

Brann's fan club is called Brann Bataljonen Bergen, and are often abbreviated to only BBB. Currently there are about two thousand members in BBB, but the number have earlier been as high as 2,500 members. BBB have been involved in only a few rivalries through the years, but their clashes with the Stord supporter group Vika-mafiaen are known considered to be one of the worst in the lower divisions of Norway.

Badge and colours

The base of the badge has always been what it is today, a red coloured, eye shaped figure with "BRANN" written in the middle of it. But through the seasons, the badge has gone through some minor outer modifications, in order to keep it fresh, and to mark some anniverseries.

The official colours of SK Brann have always been red, white, and black. Traditionally, the home kit has always been red and white, and the away kit have been all black.

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Historical kits

This is how SK Brann's kits have evolved over the seasons, from GS 50, when Brann started to use their own unique kits. Traditionally, the home kit have stayed mainly red and partly white, and the away kit have been all black. But in the recent seasons, the away kit have changed it's main colour to white or marine blue.

Season Home kit Away kit Kit manufacturer Main sponsor
54 Skbhomekitgs53.png Skbawaykitgs53.png Adidas Statoil
53 Skbhomekitgs52.png Skbawaykitgs52.png Adidas DNB
52 Skbhomekitgs51.png Skbawaykitgs51.png Adidas Canon
51 Skbhomekitgs50.png Skbawaygs50.png Umbro DNB


For a more detailed article about Brann Stadion, please check out the article Brann Stadion.

Brann Stadion is the home ground of Brann, and the construction was finished on the 26th of October 2007. The capacity of the stadium was only 12.000 at the beginning, but after the last reconstruction the 4th of July 2011, the capacity have been 60.000. Brann have never been able to fill the newly built stadium at any occasions, but managed to sell 58.000 tickets to a league game once.


Current squad

Nat. Player Goals Hattricks NT U20
Portugal Sabino Fernando de Sousa Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Denmark Nils Götterup Ht star.png 53 1 0 0
Belgium Floor Leenaers Ht star.png 18 0 0 0
Switzerland Salvatore Cotellessa Ht star.png 29 1 0 0
Netherlands Seth Verstappen Ht star.png 57 0 0 0
Norway Jes Kniksen Steinicke Ht star.png 56 2 0 0
France Benjamin Hervouet Ht star.png 42 0 0 0
Poland Beniamin Kijas Ht star.png 14 0 0 0
Argentina Daniel Errea Ht star.png 122 5 0 0
Belgium Robbert Jan Bertieaux Ht star.png 83 4 0 0
Spain Alejandro Cassillas Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Romania Alexey Sereda Ht star.png 40 0 0 0
Norway Fridtjof Pesen Wegdahl Ht star.png 47 1 0 0
Norway Lars Hårstad Ht star.png 14 1 0 0
Italy Gastone Ceretta Ht star.png 2 0 0 0
Norway Rune Husi Sandve Ht star.png 165 18 0 0
Norway Tom Aarhus Ht star.png 28 3 0 0
Greece Chrisostomos Kouris Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Spain Olivio Couceiro Ht star.png 26 1 0 0
Spain Jordi Esteva Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Slovenia Tomaž Kresnik Ht star.png 14 0 0 0
Norway Eldar Vederhus Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Switzerland Bobby Wunderlin Ht star.png 3 0 0 0
Croatia Ilija Kurtov Ht star.png 32 2 0 0
Switzerland Eugen Grogg Ht star.png 17 0 0 0
Sweden Thomas Fjelblad Ht star.png 30 0 0 0
Chile Eufemio Lunas Ht star.png 12 0 0 0
Germany Hauke Palombini Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Norway John Bugge Pettersen Ht star.png 0 0 0 0


Match related records

Biggest wins

Date Against Competition Match ID Result
06/10/10 Norway Vearlias Håp Domestic friendly (300524256) 11-0
07/12/11 Belgium FC Frut International friendly (362396299) 11-0
24/03/12 Norway 1860 Sola Domestic league (368384822) 11-0
21/04/12 Norway Team Thea Domestic league (368384836) 11-0
06/11/10 Norway Bunnys Domestic league (290623694) 11-1

Biggest losses

Date Against Competition Match ID Result
24/11/07 Norway Gutta FK Domestic league (147161571) 0-10
09/08/08 Norway Polargutan Domestic league (178639135) 0-9
05/08/08 Norway Arsenal Fotball Club Domestic friendly (203215350) 1-9
25/08/08 Sweden Mackans Gåsapågar International friendly (173852020) 1-9
24/09/11 Norway Lillestrøm Sportsklubb Domestic league (337661773) 0-8

Biggest attendance

Date Against Competition Match ID Attendance
05/03/11 Norway Grandal FC Domestic league (306371025) 58.296
14/06/14 Norway Fjellapene Domestic league (473574717) 56.125
12/05/12 Norway FK Lillesand Domestic league (368384849) 55.698
04/02/12 Norway FK Lillesand Domestic league (353158055) 55.425
07/12/13 Norway Anfinsens's Angels Domestic league (444445596) 55.230

Best defensive matches

Date Against Competition Match ID Hatstats (defense)
06/07/13 Norway Heftigheten FK Domestic league (429566365) 140
02/03/13 Norway LFC 25 Domestic league (414503016) 127
04/01/14 Norway Sandman United Domestic league (459069058) 124
06/04/13 Norway Heftigheten FK Domestic league (414503035) 123
13/07/13 Norway LFC 25 Domestic league (429566369) 122

Best offensive matches

Date Against Competition Match ID Hatstats (offense)
19/12/12 Switzerland FC Wattdenn International friendly (409606581) 150
02/01/13 Italy Scimmie Alcolizzate International friendly (409917760) 145
31/05/14 Norway AudiTT Powah FC Domestic league (473574711) 142
21/11/12 Germany Lokomotive Schkeuditz International friendly (408867869) 141
05/01/13 Norway Eide United FK 2 Domestic league (398949431) 141

Player related records

Most loyal players

Nat. Player Position Matches Goals
Norway Jes 'Kniksen' Steinicke Ht star.png Winger 368 92
Norway Rune 'Husi' Sandve Ht star.png Forward/Winger 291 213
Spain Alejandro Cassillas Ht star.png Goalkeeper 229 0
Norway Jørgen Bråthen Ht star.png Goalkeeper 169 1
Spain Enric Ortiz Ht star.png Wing back 167 36

Highest transfer fee paid

Nat. Player From Fee Date
Florian Tasiemski Ht star.png Turbowinns 1 500 000 £ 29/06/11
Germany Tobias Bethusy-Huc Ht star.png Tres Cantos Storm 1 377 000 £ 29/03/14
Belgium Floor Leenaers Ht star.png FC Salin 1 152 000 £ 26/01/13
Germany Sascha Alexander Hammermayer Ht star.png Stade Rennais (SRFC) 1 100 000 £ 08/04/10
Norway Atle Mathiesen Ht star.png FBC Liberec 1 100 000 £ 21/03/10

Highest transfer fee received

Nat. Player To Fee Date
Italy Gastone Ceretta Ht star.png Puzzle Calcio 1 500 000 £ 16/03/14
Spain Juan Sastre Martin Ht star.png UBP 1 479 000 £ 11/12/12
Spain Ambròs Mir Ht star.png NWFC Spijker 1 478 000 £ 20/06/11
Spain Jordi Esteva Ht star.png Pimp Verein 1 300 000 £ 18/05/14
Denmark Egil Vinding Ht star.png Poli Timisiora 2009 1 250 000 £ 09/11/11


Sportsklubben Brann consists of more than only the players on the pitch and the manager, they have employed assistant coaches, sports psychologists, spokespersons, physiotherapists, and even some doctors, in order to help the first team to perform at their best.

Wall of Fame

Here are the players which have shown themselves as a great team player, or are a true club legend. This list is meant to be exclusive, and have no connection to the Hall of Fame of SK Brann.

129296990 Bjørge.png
Morten Jolla Bjørge Ht star.png
First day with the club 2010-09-25
Current occupation Marketing Director
Was inducted in the Wall of Fame at age 40 in November 17, 2013.
Jes Kniksen Steinicke Ht star.png
First day with the club 2009-04-13
Current occupation Plays for SK Brann
Was inducted in the Wall of Fame at age 32 in November 17, 2013.