Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube

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Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube (426942)
Santos Coritiba Futebol Clube.jpg
Country: Brasil
Region: Paraná
Prize shelf: Division VII.PNG Goldenboot VII.gif Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif
Arena: Vila Couto Belmiro Pereira (46492)
FanClub: Companhia Sanritiba

Santos Coritiba is a Hattrick club from the region of Paraná, in Brasil. The team was created on 18/08/2004 and is managed by rycin.

The team is currently playing in the brazilian 6th division, at the VI.889 league.

Trophy Case

So far, Santos Coritiba has won the following titles:

Top Players

These players will be forever remembered by the fans as part of the club's history:

  • Bruno Bezerra (61036723) (Goalkeeper) was pulled as an 18 year-old goalkeeper from the youth squad of Santos Coritiba in 25/April/2005. He was sold three day after, received some training in other clubs and, in 27/December/2005, was rebought by Santos Coritiba. He was trained in goalkeeping skills, and, after much training, becomes a great goalkeeper, with high potencial. But, in 7/May/2007, he was sold to Morman's revenge, in Oceania.

Team History

HT-Season League Standing Copa do Brasil Campeonato Paranaense
23 VI.212 6th place N/A N/A
24 VI.212 3rd place N/A N/A
25 VI.212 4th place 4th round 28th place (C Series)
26 VI.212 5th place 3th round 17th place (C Series)
27 VII.212 7th place 1st round 38th place (B Series)
28 VII.113 Champion 1st round 40th place (B Series)
29 VI.889 2nd place 3rd round 31th place (B Series)
30 VI.889 2nd place 5th round 10th place (B Series)
31 VI.889 Champion 5th round 24th place (A Series)


  • The club's first match was an away league game against Palmeira do Oeste (426940), and the game resulted in a draw. Using 4-4-2 and counter attack, draws 1-1, with first goal of Ricardo Kichute (39251591) in the 4th minute!.
  • The "logo" of the club is designed by plugger, that accepted the wish of president of Santos Coritiba, making a "shield" for the club, according to the explanation.