Selmun Hornets

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Selmun Hornets (709336)
Managed by barkun
Club information
LocationMellieha Malta
ArenaStadium Tal-Barkun (capacity 40000)
Fan ClubA Band Apart


Selmun Hornets is the second oldest club in Malta (beaten by a mere 30 mins). They ended up in II.1 which turned out to be the most difficult division and remaind so for several seasons. It is still the most difficult division today. Despite the difficulties and not having some teams luck Selmun managed to not only remain in II.1 (a feat in itself) but remained competitive throughout this period. Hopefully the time to move to the Kampjonat Premier will come soon.

Memorable Moments

  • 17.10.2004 till 03.11.2004 was Unofficial Malta Club Champion
  • 03/10/2004 Moves to newly formed Maltese league

League History

  • Season 04 - 5th in II.1
  • Season 03 - 3rd in II.1
  • Season 02 - 6th in II.1
  • Season 01 - 4th in II.1

Cup History

  • Season 05 -
  • Season 04 - 4th Round
  • Season 03 - 5th Round
  • Season 02 - 7th Round QF
  • Season 01 - 4th Round

Favourite Players

Stats till 11/1/06

Rival Teams