Skaffa United

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Skaffa United (145674)
Managed by Skaff
Club information
LocationFryslân Nederland
ArenaDimebag Darrell Stadium
Fan ClubDimebag Darrell Forever

Skaffa United is a Dutch football club currently playing in the IV, the Dutch Fourth Division. It was founded in 6 Januari 2003 by Skaff. Skaffa United won 6 championships and are known as an outsider in the national cup.

Famous (past) players

  • Netherlands Fandi Koot
  • Netherlands Wietse Reinerink


  • Champion of division VI in season 7
  • Champion of division V in season 10
  • Champion of division V in season 11
  • Champion of division IV in season 14
  • Champion of division III in season 15
  • Champion of division V in season 19