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Fryslân (Dutch: Friesland) is a province in the north of the Netherlands and part of the bigger region known as Frisia. Its name in the Frisian language is Fryslân, which has also been its official name since 1997, and is therefore also used in official Dutch language publications. Fryslân has 643.000 inhabitants and its capital is Leeuwarden (Ljouwert), with 91.000 inhabitants, in the centre of the province. Fryslân is a Dutch region in Hattrick. There are currently (January 4th 2007) 5224 users in Fryslân and 16% (865) of them are HT-supporter.

Province of Friesland
Provinsje Fryslân
Flag of Friesland Coat of Arms of Friesland
Location of Friesland
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Western Europe
Country:  Nederland
Latitude: 53°12' N
Longitude: 05°48' E
Number of teams: 1153
Time zone: Hattrick Time
updated 23-07-2014

Best Teams of Fryslân[edit]

1. FightClub 1st Eredivisie
2. Bjusterbaarlik 2nd Eredivisie
3. Digital Dream Team 2nd III.1
4. NTW 2nd III.9
5. Thug Life 3rd III.1
6. FC Lyckele United 4th III.16
7. FC Ellie 6th III.9
8. FC Morgenster 8th III.4
9. WZ Cambuur 8th III.2
10. de scheenbeenbrekers 1st IV.22

Regional federations[edit]

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