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Young spammers of Sealand.

Spam War I (abbreviated SWI), was conflict fought between the country Sealand and the dutch federation OLDER. It is the largest spam war in the Hattrick history, with military spam-forces from Sealand and the Netherlands. It was a total war which left millions of guestbook messages and posts on the conferences. The war ended in 2004 when Sealand took the victory. Some of the (former) OLDER-Members stated they only stopped the war after a cease-fire agreement was proposed by the Sealand-leadership and therefore claimed victory themselves.


Hunze, the Leader of OLDER

It all began with some propaganda, written on the official OLDER website, against the Non-HT country Sealand. Some spammers of Sealand decided to conquer the federation OLDER, by posting some Sealand-flags in OLDER guestbooks. The OLDER-members decided to strike back, so they all reacted in the guestbooks of Sealand. At the same time Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) came from Spain to visit the Netherlands. Some Sealanders took his staf, when de Zwarte Pieten were smoking their chocolate cigarettes.

OLDER decided to help Sinterklaas, and did some attacks to Sealand-members in guestbooks. The Oligarchy of Sealand decides to use the Spam-canons; The OLDER federation was the target. The spamcanon hit many guestbooks and IRC, but made a real impression when hitting the OLDER-chatroom at the official OLDER-website. Hunze, the leader of the OLDER federation, was furious, and called his forces to the peacefull relax-house. Sealand sent some spies to the federation, and gave the staf back to Sinterklaas. The spamwar was over and everybody could live in peace.

After the war

Sinterklaas @ the war.

Sealand & OLDER

The members of Sealand created a statue for all the victims in the war. Once in a time on the conference topics, the users are talking about old memories about the war; other users deny the spamwar. The spamcanon wasn't touched for a while, and not updated anymore. OLDER members don't talk much about the war, it seems they want to forget it. Some members came to Sealand, and live there now.

Today there are no problems anymore between the 2 federations. OLDER-members are welcome to join Sealand, and young spies from Sealand found a possibility to enter in the federation.


Sinterklaas has his staf back. He brings presents to every child that has been good in the past year. He's coming every year to Sealand, Belgium and the Netherlands to celebrate his birthday during November and December. He goes back to Spain on 5 December.

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