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Spartak SPb (1739099)
Spartak SPb.png
Official logo for Spartak SPb
Last edit: 12.11.2019 by RUKENT
City St.Petersburg
Region St. Petersburg
Country  Rossiya
Geografic area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 21.12.2008
Stadium Coliseum (55 000 seats)
Fan club Piter Burger's (2 620 members)
League III.7
President Russia RUKENT


Coach Russia Vladislav Baklanov


Prize shelf
Series Champions IV.18(Rossiya) Season 40Series Champions IV.22(Rossiya) Season 52

Series Champions V.248(Rossiya) Season 36Series Champions V.248(Rossiya) Season 37Series Champions V.253(Rossiya) Season 43Series Champions V.44(Rossiya) Season 44Series Champions V.162(Rossiya) Season 49Series Champions V.17(Rossiya) Season 51

Series Champions VI.386(Rossiya) Season 26Series Champions VI.40(Rossiya) Season 29Series Champions VI.508(Rossiya) Season 31

Top Scorer IV.18(Rossiya) Season 41Top Scorer IV.26(Rossiya) Season 47Top Scorer IV.22(Rossiya) Season 52 Top Scorer V.248(Rossiya) Season 36Top Scorer V.248(Rossiya) Season 37Top Scorer V.44(Rossiya) Season 44Top Scorer V.162(Rossiya) Season 49Top Scorer V.17(Rossiya) Season 51 Top Scorer VI.386(Rossiya) Season 26Top Scorer VI.40(Rossiya) Season 29

Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Spartak SPb - II
Youth arena: Spartak Stadium

Spartak SPb is Russian football club from St. Petersburg.



Spartak SPb was founded December 20th, 2008. Earlier the club was called Spartak Vologda (bot) and gazmas (Lossssssst)

November 2nd, 2009 was founded an junior team Spartak SPb - II.


Unofficial Logo 2.11.2009-8.7.2011
Official Logo 8.7.2011-8.3.2012
Official Logo 8.3.2012-6.1.2018
Official Logo 6.1.2018-Current time

Team Colours[edit]

Home Kits[edit]

Home Kit 2.11.2009-5.5.2010, 5.6.2010-8.7.2011 and 6.1.2018-Current Time
Home Kit 5.5.2010-5.6.2010
Home Kit 8.7.2011-26.7.2011
Home Kit 26.7.2011-7.8.2012
Home Kit 7.8.2012-6.1.2018

Away Kits[edit]

Away Kit 2.11.2009-5.5.2010, 5.6.2010-8.7.2011 and 6.1.2018-Current Time
Away Kit 5.5.2010-5.6.2010
Away Kit 8.7.2011-26.7.2011
Away Kit 26.7.2011-7.8.2012
Away Kit 7.8.2012-6.1.2018


Player228583800.png Nikolay Predko
Country: Russia Russia
Became coach: 20.12.2008
Removed as coach: 16.02.2010
Current Team: Free Agent
Player146674976.png Dragomir Pascu
Country: Romania Romania
Became coach: 16.02.2010
Removed as coach: 17.10.2010
Current Team: End of career
Player91719757.png Hieronymus Ehmke
Country: Belgium Belgium
Became coach: 17.10.2010
Removed as coach: 28.12.2010
Current Team: End of career
Player76442389.jpg Edward Dowling
Country: USA USA
Became coach: 28.12.2010
Removed as coach: 12.08.2012
Current Team: Russia Spartak SPb (HoF)
Player79077239.png Oswald Schellander
Country: Austria Austria
Became coach: 12.08.2012
Removed as coach: 26.05.2013
Current Team: Russia Spartak SPb (HoF)
Player283017227coach.png Atabek Toktorov
Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Became coach: 26.05.2013
Removed as coach: 20.10.2015
Current Team: Russia Spartak SPb
Player278234735coach.jpg Vladislav Baklanov
Country: Russia Russia
Became coach: 20.10.2015
Removed as coach: 18.04.2018
Current Team: Free Agent
Igor Ivanov
Country: Russia Russia
Became coach: 18.04.2018
Removed as coach: present tome
Current Team: Russia Spartak SPb



Spartak SPb play their home games at Coliseum. The arena has been extensively developed and redesigned over the years and has reached a total capacity of 55 000, having started with a capacity of just 12 000. In seasons 25(37)-33(45) Coliseum was called Stadion Spartak.

Spartak SPb's record attendance is 55 000.

  • Total capacity: 55 000
  • Terraces: 31 311
  • Basic seating: 11 990
  • Seats under roof: 10 434
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 265

Youth team games are played at Spartak Stadium.


Current Squad[edit]


12 Russia GK Avgust Kovalis 0 30.10.13 RussiaSpartak SPb
1 Russia GK Donat Taranov 0 18.09.16 PolandDeventer Wygnanów
3 Russia DF Alexey 'Monster' Astakhov 156 27.12.11
RussiaFC Novokosino
ItalyF.C. Baradello
5 Russia DF Roman Barulin 63 05.01.17 RussiaFC Polymer Desnogorsk
60 Russia DF Igor Ivanov 76 25.12.16 FranceEtoile Rouge d'Angresse
2 Russia DF Firdus Mikhailov 23 31.05.16 RussiaFC Konakovo
4 Russia DF Valentin Renni 17 05.01.17 RussiaFC Polymer Desnogorsk
44 Russia DF Yury 'Andreevich' Morozov 31 19.07.13 ItalySiris S.S.
8 Kyrgyzstan DF Atabek 'Legenda' Toktorov 72 13.10.11 NetherlandsBasic Thuganomics
69 Russia IM Vladislav Baklanov 61 02.05.12 BelgiumRevenge FC Coach
9 Russia IM Efrem Kremnev 7 21.03.16 RussiaMarishaBOK
23 Russia IM Fedor Mashonkin 26 17.01.17 BrazilCorinthians Team
21 Russia IM Leonid Mursalimov 60 05.01.17 TürkiyeBeşiktaşk_06
7 Russia IM Spartak Piterskiy 14 14.10.15 RussiaSpartak SPb
6 Russia IM Dmitriy 'Pooh' Polunov 12 08.11.15 RussiaSpartak SPb
27 Russia IM Roman 'Mikhalych' Sadovnikov 8 27.10.15 RussiaSpartak SPb
10 Russia IM Yuriy 'Lysyi' Shavkunov 28 01.11.15 RussiaSpartak SPb
13 Russia FW Valentin 'Valente' Gritsenko 237 23.03.11
RussiaSpartak SPb
ArgentinaLos Millonarios del Oeste
19 Russia FW Rostyslav Konovalets 145 05.01.17 FinlandSoulbirds FC
11 Russia FW Efim Lataev 149 13.06.12 Portugalduplo squeeze
17 Russia FW Anatoly Pentekhin 191 17.10.10

International matches[edit]

Players who played NT, U20 or Hattrick Masters matches

Player182935643.png Saladino Caramelo
Country: Portugal Portugal
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
Public Relations Manager
U20 Matches played: 7
Position: Keeper
Player317154015.jpg Valentin Gritsenko
Country: Rossiya Russia
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
U20 Matches played: 5
Position: Forward
Player279038972.png Nizameddin Jamalov
Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Current Team: Salnas FC Latvia
NT Matches played: 64
U20 Matches played: 46
Position: Midfielder/Coach
Player306588200.png Aziz Kaidarov
Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Current Team: End of career
U20 Matches played: 17
Position: Defender
Player248143197.png Baktybek Kamilov
Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Current Team: spelenvoordeknikkers Netherlands
NT Matches played: 56
U20 Matches played: 28
Position: Defender
Player262125373.jpg Phaya Masiri
Country: Prathet Thai Thailand
Current Team: UzunYolcu Türkiye
U20 Matches played: 24
Position: Defender
Player238470424.jpg Fabião Mergulhão
Country: Moçambique Moçambique
Current Team: Fc Blue Dolphins Hattrick International
U20 Matches played: 11
Position: Winger
Player259897450.jpg Roman Monakhov
Country: Ukraina Ukraine
Current Team: Viimsi JK Estonia
NT Matches played: 3
Position: Defender/Coach
Player249940496.png Xico Paranhos
Country: Portugal Portugal
Current Team: End of career
NT Matches played: 8
U20 Matches played: 14
Masters Matches played: 8
Position: Winger
Player413172525.png Spartak Piterskiy
Country: Rossiya Russia
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
U20 Matches played: 17
Position: Midfielder
Player162746667.png Luis Rentería
Country: Honduras Honduras
Current Team: End of career
U20 Matches played: 11
Position: Winger
Player90397277.png Geoff Rice
Country: South Africa South Africa
Current Team: End of career
NT Matches played: 45
U20 Matches played: 8
Masters Matches played: 8
Position: Winger
Player79077239player.png Oswald Schellander
Country: Österreich Austria
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
Ex-coach, Restaurant Owner
Masters Matches played: 3
Position: Midfielder/Coach
Player413657011.png Yuriy Shavkunov
Country: Rossiya Russia
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
U20 Matches played: 27
Position: Midfielder
Player283017227.png Atabek Toktorov
Country: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
NT Matches played: 102
U20 Matches played: 45
Position: Defender/Coach
Player297124601.png Leonel Zuquilanda
Country: Ecuador Ecuador
Current Team: Spartak SPb Russia
Television Show Host
Masters Matches played: 1
Position: Forward
Player243112317.jpg Christian Zwartkruis
Country: Nederlands Netherlands
Current Team: Saint-Alexis CM Canada
Masters Matches played: 3
Position: Midfielder

All-Time Team[edit]

Caramelo Portugal Player182935643.png
Kamilov Kyrgyzstan Player248143197.png Toktorov Kyrgyzstan Player283017227.png   Macke Germany Player200390792.jpg Morozov Russia Player335675137.png
Abrisqueta Spain Player266411077.png Baklanov Russia Player278234735.png   Barbăscurtă Moldova Player312292468.png B.Moy France Player253105378.jpg
Lataev Russia Player275420432.png   Staroverov Russia Player248053265.png

Statistics & Records[edit]

Player Records[edit]


Match Records[edit]


Season by Season[edit]

Season League Russian Cup Trophies League Top goalscorer Goals Cup Top Goalscorer Goals
25 (37) 6th in VI.386 - - RussiaVladimir Ostinskiy, GermanyDerya Sarı 2 - -
26 (38) 1st in VI.386 - Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif RussiaVladimir Ostinskiy 13 - -
27 (39) 7th in V.132 2nd round - GermanyPaul Blum 8 RussiaAlbert Manushin 2
28 (40) 2nd in VI.40 2nd round L06-2.gif RussiaVladimir Ostinskiy 14 RussiaVladimir Ostinskiy 2
29 (41) 1st in VI.40 2nd round Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif BrazilDieguinho Francioni 13 RomaniaFlorică Manole FranceBenoît Moy RussiaVladimir Ostinskiy 1
30 (42) 8th in V.57 3rd round - RomaniaFlorică Manole 2 BrazilDieguinho Francioni 4
31 (43) 1st in VI.508 2nd round Division VI.PNG USAEdward Dowling 10 SpainAlejandro Torres 2
32 (44) 4th in V.248 3rd round - ArgentinaGustavo Ariel Nadal 12 RussiaAnatoly Pentekhin 3
33 (45) 3rd in V.248 4th round L06-3.gif ÍslandMagnþór Herleifsson 8 ItalyGiorgio Colace 4
34 (46) 3rd in V.248 4th round L06-3.gif SwedenIsak Killskog 11 RussiaDmitry Piterin 4
35 (47) 2nd in V.248 4th round L06-2.gif SwedenIsak Killskog 11 SwedenIsak Killskog 6
36 (48) 1st in V.248 3rd round Division V.PNG Goldenboot V.gif RussiaSergey Staroverov 15 SlovenskoKornel Jakab 6
37 (49) 1st in V.248 3rd round Division V.PNG Goldenboot V.gif RussiaSergey Staroverov 19 RussiaSergey Staroverov 6
38 (50) 2nd in IV.18 3rd round L06-2.gif PortugalHóracio Casimiro 8 RussiaVladislav Baklanov FranceQuentin Grenèche RussiaSergey Staroverov 3
39 (51) 5th in IV.18 6th round - ItalyLuigi Cannata, NicaraguaDamián Pardo 5 PortugalHóracio Casimiro RussiaEfim Lataev 6
40 (52) 1st in IV.18 3rd round Division IV.PNG RussiaAndres Indus, RussiaSergey Staroverov 8 SwitzerlandMassimo Moscato 7
41 (53) 4th in IV.18 5th round Goldenboot IV.gif SwitzerlandMassimo Moscato 13 RussiaSergey Staroverov 5
42 (54) 5th in IV.18 3rd round - NicaraguaDamián Pardo 7 FranceQuentin Grenèche 4
43 (55) 1st in V.253 5th round Division V.PNG RussiaSergey Staroverov 17 KyrgyzstanBaktybek Kamilov RussiaEfim Lataev 5
44 (56) 1st in V.44 3rd round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif RussiaEfim Lataev 16 SwitzerlandMassimo Moscato 4
45 (57) 5th in IV.52 2nd round - SwitzerlandMassimo Moscato 13 SpainCésar Abrisqueta 2
46 (58) 5th in IV.52 2nd round - GermanyNorwin Labrenz 6 ItalySettimio Manerba 4
47 (59) 2nd in IV.26 5th round L06-2.gifGoldenboot IV.gif EcuadorLeonel Zuquilanda 12 EcuadorLeonel Zuquilanda 5
48 (60) 5th in IV.26 3rd round - BrazilAntonio Marín Pérez, PortugalCatarino Sobral 7 SwitzerlandMassimo Moscato RussiaRoman Sadovnikov 3
49 (61) 1st in V.162 1st round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif RussiaValentin Gritsenko 23 RussiaTikhon Vanifatiev 6
50 (62) 7th in IV.61 2nd round - RussiaAlbert Karshkov 4 PolandPaweł Furgalski 5
51 (63) 1st in V.17 3rd round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif RussiaValentin Gritsenko 19 RussiaValentin Gritsenko 4
52 (64) 1st in IV.22 2nd round Division IV.PNGGoldenboot IV.gif RussiaDmitriy Polunov 14 RussiaValentin Gritsenko RussiaAnatoly Pentekhin 4

Youth Team[edit]



Spartak Stadium is the arena of Spartak SPb - II. It has a total capacity of 300.

Players raised in youth team (Currently played, except bot teams)[edit]

1 Marat Araev 08.05.2016 Cymru Karl Pilkington Frédéric Gousset
2 Vitaly Balkovskiy 08.12.2013 Portugal ATH.C.GMR Valery Metla
3 Nikolay Belotserkovskiy 09.03.2016 Russia As One Frédéric Gousset
4 Mikhail Bondarenko 02.06.2013 Russia Arsenalus Robert Liukkonen
5 Anton Bonin 10.05.2012 Netherlands FC Schubbekutterveen Voldemar Kisel
6 Timofey Borodavkin 19.08.2013 Venezuela Atlético Miranda Voldemar Kisel
7 Dmitriy Chebotar 18.10.2016 Finland FC Ihraselät Waldemar Macke
8 Artur Chekrygin 30.10.2016 Argentina ShiroLaw FC Kirill Tatarskiy
9 Andrey Cheremkhin 28.04.2013 Switzerland F.C. Barcelona United Robert Liukkonen
10 Konstantin Ditrikh 14.04.2017 Russia Spartak SPb Kirill Tatarskiy
11 Fuat Gilfanov 07.05.2015 Germany heide06 Valery Metla
12 Terenty Godovanets 14.12.2011 Bulgaria PFC "Beroe" Marat Blashkov
13 Valentin Gritsenko 22.03.2011 Russia Spartak SPb Vladimir Kopnin
14 Sergey Grinkin 24.06.2016 Austria FC Odyssee Damián Pardo
15 Anton Kondyrev 19.02.2017 Russia Spartak SPb Kirill Tatarskiy
16 Vladimir Kormushin 29.09.2016 Russia CSKA Ryazan Frédéric Gousset
17 Avgust Kovalis 30.10.2013 Russia Spartak SPb Valery Metla
18 Denis Krovyakov 28.02.2016 Switzerland 1. FC Aeugst 02 Frédéric Gousset
19 Petr Krutovskiy 08.11.2014 Spain Elcoqueto Valery Metla
20 Eduard Lyashkevich 01.02.2017 Austria +C+ Frédéric Gousset
21 Danila Marukhin 24.10.2011 Hungary FC Bendegúz Vladimir Kopnin
22 Artem Nogovitsin 10.04.2016 Norway Tåsen Ballklubb Frédéric Gousset
23 Vladislav Nosenkov 13.11.2016 Poland AGU TEAM Frédéric Gousset
24 Alexey Otrubyannikov 22.08.2016 Hattrick International AC Lorgg Frédéric Gousset
25 Ruslan Ovsyanko 20.03.2016 Slovensko FC-FRATEX Damián Pardo
26 Vitaliy Pavlyuchenko 19.06.2015 Italy Fc Manussia Voldemar Kisel
27 Ilya Pogonyalin 18.12.2015 Spain Whistle Maped Frédéric Gousset
28 Spartak Piterskiy 14.10.2015 Russia Spartak SPb Damián Pardo
29 Dmitriy 'Pooh' Polunov 08.11.2015 Russia Spartak SPb Frédéric Gousset
30 Leonid Rimsha 08.12.2016 Italy Galfo Servais Damián Pardo
31 Vadim Russkikh 14.06.2012 Italy Zenazuena Ivan Noga
32 Roman 'Mikhalych' Sadovnikov 27.10.2015 Russia Spartak SPb Kirill Tatarskiy
33 Dmitriy Serkin 29.11.2016 Sweden The shadow boy Waldemar Macke
34 Yuriy 'Lysyi' Shavkunov 01.11.2015 Russia Spartak SPb Frédéric Gousset
35 Georgy Shedov 16.09.2012 Italy Apocalysse Football Club Voldemar Kisel
36 Leontiy Shushunov 12.02.2017 Russia Spartak SPb Kirill Tatarskiy
37 Nushan Siraganyan 10.11.2016 Italy Bam Team Damián Pardo
38 Artemiy Stupak 05.01.2016 Russia FK Arsenal V.L. Frédéric Gousset
39 Alexey Vidyakin 16.10.2013 Russia Vyatich Voldemar Kisel
40 Dmitriy Zhestovskiy 14.03.2017 Russia Spartak SPb Waldemar Macke