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Stalloreggi FC (1915559)
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Team data
Manager: petrocchio
Country:  Italia
Region: Campania
League: X.70
Arena: Play Garden (1912121)
Foundation: 21-09-2005 (Season 27)
Refoundation: 26-02-2010 (Season 41)
Team colors: Red-Blue
Fan club: Fedelissimi RossoBlu
Trophies Seasons 27-38
Division IX.PNG Division VIII.PNG Division VII.PNG Division VI.PNG HSCmini.png Topscorer VII.png Topscorer VI.png
New Prize Shelf

Stalloreggi Football Club, better known as Stalloreggi FC is a Hattrick club originally founded on September 21, 2005. Currently play in the series X.70 in Italy. The team colors are red and blue since its foundation.

Club History

The origins

The first entry in the competition is September 21, 2005, coinciding with the second day of the 27th Season of Italian Championship.

The club, thanks to a good initial management of players and a market aimed at a medium-term growth, made two first places and three promotions in a row. Stalloreggi concluded the season 27 at 1st place in the series IX.668, ended the season 28 at 1st place in the series VIII.347 and at 2nd place in Series VII.31 season 29. In this last season also adds to the prize shelf the top scorer trophy which was won by Márcio Brito for having scored 10 goals.

From season 30 to season 35, the team has played in series VI.813 succeeding in placing itself always among the top four in the group, except the last one season. In the season 33 reached its record of participation in Cup, playing for the first time the 6th round. Record will be equaled later in seasons 37 and 38. In addition to the official competitions Stalloreggi has taken part in numerous unofficial competitions including the prestigious Hattrick Salerno Cup, a cup reserved to companies from Salerno and province, managing to win first place in its fourth edition (Season 31).

In season 35 the club was relegated in the series VII.403 to implement a renovation project. The corporate plan, which provided for the complete dismantling of the previous team and a massive action on the transfer market, allowed to hit two consecutives first places and add to its prize shelf the trophies of class VI and VII (VI.435). In season 37, thanks to an excellent performance of Kev Lachance, the club won its second top scorer title of its history.

Once landed in the V series, season 38 group V.145 , Stalloreggi had tried to emulate his previous triple jump of leagues, but failing. The club reached instead a 2nd place, after a grueling season, which puts a strain on the balance of club so much to push to take the drastic decision to leave competitions.

Club refoundation

On February 26, 2010, after a period of reflection about 1 calendar year, the club returns to join the league again. Stalloreggi was assigned to the X.70 series with the name of Atletico Matosi and made his new debut in the ninth day of the season 41. At the end of the season the club gets back its historical name. The club is officially registered in the Campania region.

Economic regrowth

With the re-foundation of the club was born a new long-term project that requires a substantial increase in capital. This strategy, although harsh and unsatisfactory from the standpoint of short-term results, may be the best way to start a climb to the return of FC Stalloreggi the point where the old society had left. To this end, the company has undertaken an intensive training and trading in the market.

At present the project has come to:

Timeline of Club

First registration

First logo of Stalloreggi FC
Season Series Standing Played Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup
27 IX.668 Winner 14 13 0 1 53 15 +38 39 no played
28 VIII.347 Winner 14 13 0 1 55 9 +46 39 1st round
29 VII.31 2nd 14 11 0 3 42 18 +24 33 2nd round
30 VI.813 3rd 14 7 2 5 48 28 +20 23 1st round
31 VI.813 4th 14 7 1 6 40 48 -8 22 2nd round
32 VI.813 3rd 14 8 1 5 40 34 +6 25 2nd round
33 VI.813 4th 14 7 1 6 41 37 +4 22 6st round
34 VI.813 3rd 14 6 2 6 38 59 -21 20 3st round
35 VI.813 8th 14 0 0 14 1 121 -120 0 1st round
36 VII.403 Winner 14 13 1 0 42 8 +34 40 1st round
37 VI.435 Winner 14 13 0 1 46 13 +33 39 6st round
38 V.145 2nd 14 8 1 5 49 24 +25 25 6st round

Second registration

Season Series Standing Played Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup
41 X.70 8th 6 0 2 4 3 24 -21 2 no played
42 X.70 - - - - - - - - - -


Stalloreggi during its history has played its home games in two different stadiums. During his first management period, team had played in the Girolamo Gigli Arena that, thanks to various expansions and a constant increase of its supporters, had reached the capacity of 36000 seats distribuited in 20 thousand terraces, 10 thousand basic seating, 5 thousand seats under roof and 1000 seats in VIP boxes. From season 41, with the refoundation, the Stalloreggi has acquired ownership of the Play Garden Arena where it still disputes its home games. The property currently has a capacity of 12,000 seats.

The areas of the stadium is divided as follows:

  • Terraces: 8.000
  • Basic seating: 3.000
  • Seats under roof: 1.000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 0

Last improvements was made at: 26-02-2010


Coach Season Achievements
France Franky Lécrivain Old Club Won the championship of series IX and VIII
Italy Guglielmo Citti Old Club Won the championship of series VII and VI
Oceania Sam Anscombe 41
Mexico Juan Domingo Obregón 42 -> today

Hall of Fame

Great Scorer

Attaccante esterno, idolo della curva, grazie alle sue micidiali incornate è riuscito a trascinare la squadra in una rocambolesca promozione che ci ha portati dritti in VI serie. Si è laureato capocannoniere della VII.31 (Italia) per la stagione 29 con 10 gol.

Great Coach

Grazie al suo grande spirito di sacrificio e al suo ineguagliabile carisma è stato il principale fautore della rinascita rossoblu e della sua rifondazione permettendo di annoverare nella storia del club altre due promozioni e un record di punti in campionato che difficilmente potrà essere battuto in futuro. Un mito! Traghettatore della Stalloreggi nelle prime due stagioni dalla fondazione. E' riuscito, grazie alle sue eccellenti doti di CT, a portare alla vetta delle classifiche la squadra regalandoci 2 indimenticabili primi posti che rimarranno indelebili nella storia del club.

Flag collection

Hosted countries

Argentina Germany Liechtenstein Poland Portugal

Youth team

On May 17, 2010 was founded the youth team called Audax Stalloreggi.

In the team will be recruited all the young promising that scouts consider to be interesting to be inserted into the first team in future.

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