Steórnabhagh Tournament Edition I

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Steòrnabhagh Tournament
The logo of the Steórnabhagh Stingrays and the Steòrnabhagh Tournament
Edition I
Champions Oceania South Coast Utd.
Second place Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies
Semi-finalists Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays

China AC Hotspurs

Topscorer Iceland S.Bragason (6)
Format 8 teams group stage
Gameday Mondays
Region Worldwide


The first edition of the Steórnabhagh Tournament was a great success. Teams from all around the world arrived in Scotland to play for the trophy and they played their hearts out. In group A we have the AC Hotspurs from China who won two matches, both with 3-2. surprisingly they lost their match against Solestá Rovers from Italy with 4-0. The Hotspurs won their group with six points but with a goal difference of minus 2. The battle for the second place in the group was an exciting one. Both South Coast Utd (from Oceania) and Ciclista del Mar (from Peru) won their match against Solestá with 4-1 and played a 3-3 draw in their thrilling encounter against each other. Both South Coast Utd. as Ciclista del Mar ended with four points, scoring 9 goals and conceded 7. A lottery decided that South Coast Utd was the lucky one and qualified for the semi-finals. Group B was a goalfest with a total of 35 goals in six matches, nearly six goals per match on avarage. Steórnabhagh Stingrays won al of their games and scored 14 goals in the process, they were clear favorites for the trophy after those impressive results. On the last matchday the match between Icelandic team Grindavík Grizzlies and Chilean team Wewain F.C. was a thrilling one, With 9 goals it was the most exciting match of the tournament. The Icelanders won their match with 6-3 and qualified for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, AC Hotspurs played their match against Grindavík Grizzlies and they did very well, scoring two in the process. Unfortunately the Grizzlies were unstoppable and put the ball five teams behind the goalkeeper. In the other semi-final the South Coast Utd. found their way in the tournament and surprised Steórnabhagh Stingrays with an well deserved 3-2 victory. The favorites weir stunned and had to reconcile with the bronze medal. Everyone was ready for a great final between two teams they didn't expect to play at this stage of the tournament. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the final was not even kind of close. with five goals the South Coast Utd. from Oceania ripped the Icelanders apart. The organisation of the Steórnabhagh Stingrays congratulated and invited them for the second edition of the tournament. With six goals, Snorri Bragason from the Grindavík Grizzlies was top goalscorer and won also the the silver ball trophy for his perfomances during the tournament. Kenny Voidy (Steórnabhagh) won the second place on the topscorers trophy with five goals and Carl James (South Coast Utd.) scored four times which granted him the third place. Carl James was also chosen as the best player of the tournament, where his teammate from Myanmar Y.T.Oo won the Bronze ball. We all look forward to the next edition after a great first one!


Group stage

Group A GP W D L GF GA D Points Group B GP W D L GF GA D Points
China AC Hotspurs 3 2 0 1 6 8 -2 6 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 3 3 0 0 14 2 12 9
Oceania South Coast Utd 3 1 1 1 9 7 2 4 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 3 2 0 1 8 7 1 6
Peru Ciclista del Mar 3 1 1 1 9 7 2 4 Chile Wewaiñ F.C. 3 1 0 2 12 12 0 3
Italy Solestá Rovers 3 1 0 2 6 8 -2 3 Mexico CF Vallarta 3 0 0 3 1 14 -13 0

Expand to view matches

date Home team Away team Score Sort Home team Away team Score
18-01-2021 Peru Ciclista del Mar China AC Hotspurs 2-3 18-01-2021 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays Chile Wewaiñ F.C. 5-2
18-01-2021 Oceania South Coast Utd Italy Solestà Rovers 4-1 18-01-2021 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies Mexico CF Vallarta 2-0
25-01-2021 Peru Ciclista del Mar Oceania South Coast Utd 3-3 25-01-2021 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 4-0
25-01-2021 China AC Hotspurs Italy Solestà Rovers 0-4 25-01-2021 Chile Wewaiñ F.C. Mexico CF Vallarta 7-1
01-02-2021 Oceania South Coast Utd China AC Hotspurs 2-3 01-02-2021 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies Chile Wewaiñ F.C. 6-3
01-02-2021 Italy Solestà Rovers Peru Ciclista del Mar 1-4 01-02-2021 Mexico CF Vallarta Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 0-5

Knock-out stage

Semi-finals   Final
   China AC Hotspurs    2
   Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies    5  
   Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies    1
       Oceania South Coast Utd.    5
   Scotland Steórnabhagh.    2
   Oceania South Coast Utd.    3  



Player Team Goals Player Team Yellow Booked Red Red card Player Team Award
Iceland S.Bragason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 6 Italy G.Colicchi Italy Solesta Rovers 2 1 Oceania C.James Oceania South Coast Utd. Golden Ball
Scotland K.Voidy Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 5 Iceland E.Gylfason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 2 1 Iceland S.Bragason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies Silver Ball
Oceania C. James Oceania South Coast Utd. 4 Spain R.Sorogoyen Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 2 0 Burma Y.T. Oo Oceania South Coast Utd. Bronze Ball
Italy C.Orlandi Italy Solestá Rovers 3 Oceania E.Mailey Oceania South Coast Utd. 0 1
Iceland E.Gylfason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 3 Scotland W.Invernary Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 0 1