Steórnabhagh Stingrays

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Steòrnabhagh Stingrays (67758)
Managed by Dronkert86
Club information
LocationHighlands and Islands Scotland
Current position3 [65]
ArenaStingray Cove
CoachTurkey Hüseyin Kemal Okyay
Fan ClubStingray Cove


Steòrnabhagh Stingrays is the third club of owner Dronkert86 and they play their games in the 12.000 seated Stingray Cove on the island of Leòdhas, Scotland. After the succes of Beeldenstorm F.C. (Netherlands) and the promising start of the Grindavík Grizzlies (Iceland) Dutch owner Dronkert86 decided to start a new club in Scotland and took over the license of TESDestroyes. 29-12-2020 was the date when the final signatures where set and a new dream came true for Dronkert86, a new chapter started with the signatures of six new players and a new coach. The squad from TESDestroyes was evaluated and the best players stayed at the Stingray Cove alongside with the new signings. Four signings where from Lithuania where we found four promising wingers, we expect al lot of great attacking play by these youngsters. For the experience the Stingrays bought spanish forward Ricardo Sorogoyen and Hungarian defensive midfielder Tamás Zsilinszky. The choice for the clubname, Stingrays was an easy one. A stingray is beautiful creature who can adjust his colours to his new habitat. When they lock a their target, there's no escape, they crush the target eat them with their powerful jars. A great name for this new club. After searching for the right head coach we decided to hire Turkish coach Hüseyin Kemal Okyay to develop our game. We expect that he will bring our players to the next level and hopefully a lot of silverware. Next to Hüseyin, the Stingrays hired Dex Godman and Justin Gott as his assistents, Jack Cranston as the team doctor and Stuart Mountfort has the difficult job to get the players match ready. Although we want to perform straight away, we also want a good youth academy, so we hired Ian Duggan as our youth coach and coördinator. Alongside Ian, the Stingrays hired three youth scouts who hopefully find the next big thing in the world of football.

First team

No Nat Position Name No Nat Position Name No Nat Position Name
1 Scotland GK Alan Hopton 13 Scotland MID A.Dunlop 26 England MID D. Leech
2 Scotland DEF A.Moffat 14 Scotland MID G.Entwistle
3 Scotland DEF T.Conway 15 Scotland MID K.Gallagher
4 Scotland MID E.Coxon 16 Scotland DEF M.Florence
5 Belgium FW A.Hellemans 27 Uruguay MID H.Trochón
6 Scotland DEF F.Blount 18 Scotland DEF S.Shilton
7 Scotland MID A. O'Neill 19 Scotland FW O.Ray
8 Scotland MID G.Fraser 20 Scotland FW B.Scott
9 Scotland FW K.Voidy 21 Scotland MID W.Invernary
28 Sweden FW T.Gillfeldt 22 Lithuania MID B.Dédukas
11 Scotland FW J.Coulston 23 Spain FW R.Sorogoyen
12 Scotland GK M.Parker 24 Hungary DEF T.Zsinlinszky


Staff and board of directors

Owner Dronkert86
Coach Kemal Okyay
Name Position
Netherlands Dronkert86 Chairman
Turkey Hüseyin Kemal Okyay Head coach
Scotland Dex Godman Assistent coach
Scotland Justin Gott Assistent coach
Scotland Stuart Mountfort Form coach
Scotland Ian Duggan Youth coach
England Bobby Jackson Secretary
Scotland Jack Cranston Team doctor
Scotland Oz Ruxton Youth scout
Scotland Terry Sutherland Youth scout
Scotland Lloyd Brotch Youth scout

Season 65

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Home Jersey
Away Jersey

Season 65 was the very first season of the Steórnabhagh Stingrays and played in division V.5. The first match of the season and home opener was against Bonhill Celtic from the area of Strathclyde. The match was played on saturday 16 january with an audience who expected a lot of the new team. The first official match of the Stingrays was in the scottish national cup. The adventure of the Stingrays in the cup was a short one. The defeat in the first round against Crom Faeyr was a major dissapointing result. The 1-2 defeat in our first official match was surprising because the players of the Stingrays had the best chances and 58% ball posession. The second match was in the Thistle Cup against The Free Men. With a late goal from Bill McDermott in extra time the Stingrays conceided their third loss in 8 days. Not the start we hoped for. Our last chance was in the third tier cup, the Diddy Cup. After a two great wins against Bloomfield United and 2Rueblues we met Vikings of Midlothian in the third round. Unfortunately we couldn't create chances against a solid defence and were eliminated because of two excellent free-kicks. After this loss the Stingrays were done in the Scottish Cups and played friendly matches for the rest of the season.

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Topscorer Yellow cards Booked Red cards Red card Biggest win Biggest loss
Ground H A H A H A A H H A H A H A Spain R.Sorogoyen (11) Hungary T.Zsinlinsky (2) Hungary T.Zsinlinsky (1) 7-0 vs Mostrencos FC 6-1 vs Acme Road Runners
result L W W W W L W W W W L W Scotland K.Voidy (9) Lithuania F.Stasiunas (1) T.B.D. 6-1 vs Grangemouth 3-1 vs. Bonhill Celtic
position 6 3 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Scotland O.Ray (6) Scotland W.Invernary (1) T.B.D. 5-0 vs Bobzdazbildaz 3-2 vs Antap
Team Win Draw Lose Goals for Goals against Goal difference Points
Mostrencos F.C. 3 0 9 20 49 -29 9
Antap 9 0 3 43 15 28 27
Steòrnabhagh Stingrays 9 0 3 44 21 23 27
Bonhill Celtics 7 0 5 28 23 5 21
Bobzdazbildaz 1 2 9 12 37 -25 5
fc 2021 4 1 7 19 39 -20 13
Acme Road Runners 11 0 1 62 12 50 33
Grangemouth 2 1 9 15 47 -32 7


Stingray Cove

The first stadium of the Stingray was barely the name stadium worth. It was a dump with wooden seats which got rotten because of the neglection by the former owner. It was very dangerous for the visitors and for the players who could be hit by flying seats anytime cause of the heavy wind on the island. With only 12.000 seats available and no business seats or a roof, the situation was clear, this first year was going to be a long one. With the growing numbers of fan club members, the first goal was set. By the end of the first season there was going to be a new stadium with decent seats for our fans and vip's and also with a roof above their head so they where clear of the scottish weather.

Steórnabhagh Tournament

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Before the first ball was kicked in an official match, the board of Steórnabhagh announced an international tournament for teams who like, the Stingrays, are new to the world of football. The tournament will be played on mondays by eight teams and contain a group stage and knock-out stage.

Edition Winner 2nd place Result Semi-finalists Topscorer
I Oceania South Coast Utd. Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 5-1 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays & China AC Hotspurs Iceland S. Bragason (6)
II Oceania South Coast Utd. Scotland Steórnabhagh 4-1 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies & South Africa Table Mountain FC Oceania T.Feggarofotos (4)


Previous results

Season Division Position Win Draw Loss Points GS GC Cup Round Topscorer
65 V.5 Naam (aantal)