Steórnabhagh Tournament Edition II

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Steòrnabhagh Tournament
The logo of the Steórnabhagh Stingrays and the Steòrnabhagh Tournament
Edition II
Champions Oceania South Coast Utd.
Second place Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays
Semi-finalists Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies South Africa Table Mountain FC
Topscorer Oceania T.Feggarofotos (4)
Format 8 teams group stage
Gameday Mondays
Region Worldwide


Shortly after the first edition ended, the board of Steórnabhagh Stingrays Announced that due to the succes of the first edition, a second edition will organized soon enough. Nobody expected that a week after the final of edition I, where our friends from Oceania lifted the trophy, the first matches of the second edition will be played. In group A the title defender South Coast Utd were paired with organizer Steórnabhagh Stingrays. After two wins against American team Gardens FC from Florida and Croatian side Valyrian Steelers, the two favourites were qualified for the semi-finals. In the last match of the group South Coast Utd proved that they're ready to win their second tournament. After a resouding 3-0 loss it was very quiet in the Stingray lockerroom. Group B was a goalfest with an avarage of 5 goals per match. New team Table Mountain FC from South Africa won their first match against the Grizzlies from Iceland with 2-1 and showed everyone that they're a side to keep an eye on. We've learned that Chinese side AC Hotspurs are bankrupt after they played their last matches at the Steórnabhagh Tournament. After their win against Molis FC from Puerto Rico, they had every chance to qualify for the semi-finals. The last match of the group decided their fate. With 9 goals the Grindavík Grizzlies marched through to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals we had a rematch from the edition I final. The game was a lot closer then that final but still the South Coast Utd came on top after a 3-2 win against the Grindavík Grizzlies. After half-time the Grizzlies lead the match but with goals from George Mautner and Carl James the Oceania side took the victory and qualified once again for the final. In the other semi-final the host took a quick 2-0 lead with goals from Voidy and Zsilinszky. Only six minutes after the 2-1, Dedukas scored a very important goal that took the Grizzlies to their first final. Colt Cool from the Table Mountain FC scored the last goal of the match but it wasn't enough. The final was a rematch of the group stage tie and everyone expected a more even battle then that game. Unfortunately for the spectators, after only 8 minutes the South Coast Utd led the game by 3-0, It wasn't a thriller in the final. Our friends from Oceania dominated from start to finish and won their second trophy wel deserved


Group stage

Group A GP W D L GF GA D Points Group B GP W D L GF GA D Points
Oceania South Coast Utd. 3 3 0 0 9 1 8 9 South Africa Table Mountain FC 3 3 0 0 10 2 8 9
Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 3 2 0 1 6 6 0 6 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 3 2 0 1 11 5 6 6
USA Gardens FC 3 1 0 2 6 7 -1 3 China AC Hotspurs 3 1 0 2 8 10 -2 3
Croatia Valyrian Steelers 3 0 0 3 3 10 -7 0 Puerto Rico Molis FC 3 0 0 3 1 13 -12 0

Expand to view matches

date Home team Away team Score Sort Home team Away team Score
22-02-2021 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays Croatia Valyrian Steelers 3-1 22-02-2021 Puerto Rico Molis FC China AC Hotspurs 0-5
22-02-2021 USA Gardens FC Oceania South Coast Utd. 1-2 22-02-2021 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies South Africa Table Mountain FC 1-2
29-02-2021 Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays USA Gardens FC 3-2 29-02-2021 Puerto Rico Molis FC Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 0-4
29-02-2021 Croatia Valyrian Steelers Oceania South Coast Utd. 0-4 29-02-2021 China AC Hotspurs South Africa Table Mountain FC 0-4
01-03-2021 USA Gardens FC Croatia Valyrian Steelers 3-2 01-03-2021 Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies China AC Hotspurs 6-3
01-03-2021 Oceania South Coast Utd. Scotland Steórnabhagh Stingrays 3-0 01-03-2021 South Africa Table Mountain FC Puerto Rico Molis FC 4-1

Knock-out stage

Semi-finals   Final
   Oceania South Coast Utd.    3
   Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies    2  
   Oceania South Coast Utd.    4
       Scotland Steórnabhagh    1
   South Africa Table Mountain FC    2
   Scotland Steórnabhagh    3  



Player Team Goals Player Team Yellow Booked Red Red card Player Team Award
Oceania T.Feggarofotos. Oceania South Coast Utd 4 Iceland F.Guttason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 1 1 Oceania T.Feggarofotos Oceania South Coast Utd. Golden Ball
Iceland S.Bragason Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 3 Iceland K. Kolsson Iceland Grindavík Grizzlies 2 0 Oceania E.Mauley Oceania South Coast Utd. Silver Ball
South Africa C. Cool South Africa Table Mountain FC 3 Hungary T.Zsilinzsky Scotland Steórnabhagh 2 0 Spain R.Sorogoyen Scotland Steórnabhagh Bronze Ball
Scotland K.Voidy Scotland Steórnabhagh 3 Oceania C.James Oceania South Coast Utd 1 0
Bahrain K.Al Zamel Croatia Valyrian Steelers 2 South Africa R.Jimenez South Africa Table Mountain FC 1 0