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The StudentenFederatie is a Dutch federation whose members are (in)famous for their disgust of rules, especially conference-rules, and their love of beer. The first trait has resulted in a lot of bans and even loss of teams for many members. The Students' love of beer has resulted in a number of meetings that nobody could remember if there hadn't been any pictures taken of it.


People who are accepted into StuF are called 'phoeten', a word commonly used in the student-community to separate the newbies from senior members. The phoet is supposed to show the senior members he is worthy of joining the alliance by telling a good drinking story, in Dutch a "Bier-en-tietenverhaal" in the "Voorsteltopic". The phoet is not supposed to post in other topics, and will be punished if caught. If the phoet is accepted he can rise to the rank of member (lid) and is allowed all privileges that belong to the senior membership.

Other ranks[edit]

The StuF has a couple of ranks that are available for those that have proven themselves worthy.

- Praeses: Leader of the alliance

- Vice-praeses: the Praeses' assistant

- Quiz-master: this member asks stupid questions in the alliances PubQuiz

- Haupt des Untgrünungs: member in charge of checking the bier-en-tientenverhalen

- Mister Übercosy: Winner of the GSC

- SmileyHunter: Member in charge of punishing those that dare to use smilies

- Zwetende Panda: The one and only Sweating Panda

- Maurice de Hond: creator of silly polls

- Opperniksnut: Person who is able to do absolutely nothing at all, except for drinking and spamming the conferences.

- Adfundum-admiraal: This member has proven to be able to down a beer 'ad-fundum'.

- Kotskoning: This member has shown to drink until he pukes

- Halve Jap: This member pukes after only a few alcoholic beverages

- Kansloze koning: the hero of the StuF


The members of the StuF hate people who use smilies in their conference-posts. Members have to be able to distinguish seriousness and sarcasm without smilies ruining all the fun. If you ever catch a member of StuF using a smiley by mistake don't bother to point it out, the StuF has an official SmileyHunter who will find and punish the perpetrator.

Stuff the StuF doesn't like[edit]

Sealand. This alliance is considered to be the Walhalla for smiley-users by the StuF and therefore a disgusting bunch of people. This alliance also thinks to be funny with their election-joke each season, and the StuF-members strongly disagree. The StuF doesn't like the elections either, but the Sealand-joke is usually a poorly executed disguise for spamming the conferences.

Moderators and GMs. Nothing personal, we just don't like the bans. We like freedom.

Nederlandse Scholieren Federatie. Students and pupils, it's just a different kind of people.


An old favorite of every StuF-member is taking easy shots at other members. This kind of joke is often used in the StuF-conference, to thew extend that it has been named an 'Inzaghi', after the striker of A.C. Milan, who only seems to score cheap shots all the time. People who can't stand their words being twisted whenever possible are advised not to join StuF, or their patience will be seriously challenged.


Members of StuF use their own extensive vernacular, including the terms Inzaghi, droeftoeter and ghghgh. These terms and others are described in the official Stufionary. [1]